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Motion Regarding Custody FD-FOC 4018 - Michigan

Motion Regarding Custody Form. This is a Michigan form and can be used in Friend Of The Court Circuit Court Wayne Local County .
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FD/FOC 4018 CODING: MOCUS MOTION TO CHANGE CUSTODY USE THIS SET OF FORMS IF: · · · You still have at least one child on this case that is under 18 years old You want to change physical custody of the child(ren) in your case [where the child(ren) live most of the time] You want to change legal custody of the child(ren) in your case (i.e. having the legal right to take part in making major life decisions about the child(ren)). Please be advised that your motion will be denied if you do not provide proof of proper cause or a change of circumstances which has occurred since the entry of your last Custody Order. This Motion must be filed and scheduled in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (CAYMC) building at Two Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226. It will cost you $100.00 to file this motion. The County Clerk's Office accepts cash; debit cards; MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards; and, money orders made payable to the Wayne County Clerk. If you cannot afford the filing fee, you can ask the Chief Judge for an Order waiving the filing fee. Fee Waiver forms can be obtained from Room 201 (CAYMC 2nd floor). You can ONLY do this in person and you must have a State-issued photo ID card and proof of your income and/or public assistance. If the Chief Judge waives your filing fee the waiver is only good the same day as it is signed. You must file your motion that same day. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Fill out pages 1 through 4. Use BLACK OR BLUE INK ONLY 2. Write your Case Number in the upper right corner of every page. 3. Attach a complete copy of your most recent child custody, parenting time and support order(s) to your forms. You might have one Order or Judgment that talks about all three issues, or you may have more than one Order. 4. Fill out the Worksheet for Request of Change of Custody in this packet and attach it to your forms. 5. Leave the forms in numerical order. Make 3 sets of copies of pages 1 through 4 and all of your attachments before you bring them to Court to file them. FD/FOC 4018 Page A Revised: 07/18/2013 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com FD/FOC 4018 CODING: MOCUS 6. Bring all the original forms plus the 3 sets of copies to file. 7. Always keep a copy of every paper you file with the Court and bring them to the hearing. 8. To get a Court date, you need to file the motion properly with the Court. IF YOU ARE FILING IN PERSON: 1. Take your original set of motion forms, your copies, and your money to pay the filing fee with you to CAYMC. 2. Take your original set of motion forms, your copies, and your filing fees (or signed Order waiving filing fees) to the Wayne County Clerk in Room 201 (CAYMC 2nd floor). 3. Put case labels (stickers) in the upper right corner of all original documents and only on pages 1 and 2 of each of your copies. Case labels are free and available in Room 201. 4. If you have a Chief Judge Order waiving your filing fees, give it the Clerk. 5. The Clerk will keep the original forms and have you pay at the Cashier counter. 6. The Clerk will give back to you the "Motion Praecipe" form with a red stamp on it. This proves that you filed the Motion with the Clerk's office. 7. Take that stamped "Motion Praecipe" form and your copies to: the FOC Scheduling Office in Room 900A (CAYMC 9th floor, down the hall from the Clerk's office). 8. At the window of Room 900A, an FOC representative will take all of your paperwork and give you a hearing date. 9. Go to your hearing with all documents that prove the request in your motion. If you do not show up, or if you show up late, your motion will be dismissed. IF YOU ARE FILING BY MAIL: 1. Write your Case Number in the upper right corner of every page. 2. Mail your original forms, 3 sets of copies and a money order for the filing fees to: Wayne County Clerk, Room 201, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Detroit, MI 48226. 3. Keep copies of everything you mail to the Court. 4. Include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope and a letter asking the County Clerk to mail you a receipt and a copy of your motion stamped "filed." 5. You will receive your hearing date by mail. QUESTIONS? Call the Wayne County Friend of the Court at (313) 224-5300 or email FOC-Help@3rdcc.org. Employees of the Friend of the Court and the Wayne County Circuit Court cannot give you legal advice or help prepare documents. General Court Information can be found on the website: www.3rdcc.org. Failure to complete all of the above steps may result in delay or dismissal of your motion. The Court is required by law to use the Michigan Child Support Formula to set the child support amount, unless the Court finds that application of the formula would be unjust or inappropriate. FD/FOC 4018 Page B Revised: 07/18/2013 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com STATE OF MICHIGAN THIRD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT WAYNE COUNTY THE FRIEND OF THE COURT PRAECIPE FOR MOTION CASE NO. COURT TELEPHONE NO: (313) 224-5300 COURT ADDRESS: 645 GRISWOLD DETROIT, MI 48226 _____________________________________ Plaintiff ___________________________________________ Street and No. City/State/Zip Telephone No: _______________________________ Employer: ___________________________________ Address: ____________________________________ v _____________________________________ Defendant ___________________________________________ Street and No. City/State/Zip Telephone No: _______________________________ Employer: ___________________________________ Address: ____________________________________ CERTIFICATION I certify that the attached pleadings are in compliance with MCR. 2.114. (Signature):________________________________ Attorney for Petitioner Date: ____________________________ 20____ One of the parties is incarcerated, MCR 2.004 I HEREBY CERTIFY that I have made personal contact with ___________________________ on _______, 20__, requesting concurrence in the relief sought with this motion and that concurrence has been denied or that I have made reasonable and diligent attempts to contact counsel requesting concurrence in the relief sought with this motion. LCR 2.119(B) ___________________________ Signature of filing party/attorney TO: OFFICE OF FRIEND OF THE COURT, 645 GRISWOLD, DETROIT, MICHIGAN 48226 This motion involves: Child Support, Parenting Time, Custody (Please check all boxes that apply). Please place a Motion for (state Motion title) _________________________________________________________. on Domestic Relations Motion Calendar for ____________________________
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