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Itemized Statement Of Costs 17 - South Carolina

Itemized Statement Of Costs Form. This is a South Carolina form and can be used in Appellate Courts Statewide .
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FORM 17 ITEMIZED STATEMENT OF COSTS THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA In The Court of Appeals [In The Supreme Court] v. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) The Appellate Court is requested to tax the following costs against ______________________________________________________________________________ (Name of Party) COSTS TAXABLE UNDER RULE 222, SCACR Cost of Printing or Copying Final Brief Cost of Printing or Copying Final Reply Brief Cost of Printing or Copying Record on Appeal Filing Fee Paid Under Rule 203(d), SCACR Cost of Court Reporter=s Transcript Attorney=s Fee Provided By Rule 222(b), SCACR Other (specify and explain): NO. OF PAGES RATE REQUESTED ALLOWED (For Court Use Only) American LegalNet, Inc. COSTS TAXABLE UNDER RULE 226(j), SCACR Cost of Printing or Copying Brief Cost of Printing or Copying Reply Brief Cost of Printing or Copying Appendix Filing fee paid under Rule 226(c), SCACR Attorney=s fee provided by Rule 226(j)(2), SCACR Other (specify and explain): TOTAL I, ___________________________________________________, do swear or affirm that the foregoing costs are correct and were necessarily incurred in this action. A copy of this statement was (mailed to/served upon) opposing counsel. _____________________________________ (Signature) Attorney for___________________________ Subscribed and sworn to before me this _____ day of __________________________, 20_____. _________________________________ Notary Public for______________ My Commission Expires:_______ (Seal) American LegalNet, Inc.
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