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Objection To Claim P-3.1020 - FLSSI Probate

Objection To Claim Form. This is a FLSSI Probate form and can be used in Opening Formal Administration .
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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR FLORIDA IN RE: ESTATE OF COUNTY, PROBATE DIVISION File No. Deceased. Division OBJECTION TO CLAIM The undersigned, being the above estate hereby objects to the claim of filed in this proceeding. The claimant is limited to a period of thirty (30) days from the date of service of this objection within which to bring an action on the claim, as provided by Florida Probate Rule 5.496 and Florida Statutes Section 733.705 unless an extension of the time is agreed to by the personal representative in writing before the time to file the action expires or unless the time is extended by order of the court. IF THE CLAIMANT FAILS TO BRING SUCH AN ACTION WITHIN THE TIME STATED, NO ACTION OR PROCEEDING ON THE CLAIM MAY BE BROUGHT AGAINST THE PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE, AND THE CLAIM IS THEREAFTER FOREVER BARRED WITHOUT ANY COURT ORDER. Signed on this _______ day of __________________________, ________. , of Objector Attorney [Print or Type Names Under All Signature Lines] Email Addresses: Florida Bar No. Telephone: (address) Bar Form No. P-3.1020 - 1 of 2 © Florida Lawyers Support Services, Inc. Revised January 1, 2015 I CERTIFY that on to: , , a copy of this Objection to Claim was furnished by_________________________________________________________________ Attorney for Objector [Print or Type Names Under All Signature Lines] Bar Form No. P-3.1020 - 2 of 2 © Florida Lawyers Support Services, Inc. Revised January 1, 2015
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