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Inventory P-3.0900 - FLSSI Probate

Inventory Form. This is a FLSSI Probate form and can be used in Opening Formal Administration .
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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR FLORIDA IN RE: ESTATE OF COUNTY, PROBATE DIVISION File Number Division Deceased. INVENTORY The undersigned personal representative of the estate of deceased, who died on , , , submits this inventory of all the property of the estate that has come into the hands , possession, c ontrol, or knowledge of t his personal representative: REAL ESTATE IN FLORIDA -- Exempt (Protected) Homestead: Description REAL ESTATE IN FLORIDA -- Non-Exempt Homestead: Description Estimated Fair Market Value (Whether homestead property is exempt from the claims of creditors, is properly devised and is a probate asset may have to be determined by appropriate proceedings.) Bar Form No. P-3.0900 - 1 of 3 © Florida Lawyers Support Services, Inc. Revised January 1, 2015 OTHER REAL ESTATE IN FLORIDA: Description Estimated Fair Market Value Total Real Estate in Florida -- Except Exempt (Protected) Homestead $ PERSONAL PROPERTY WHEREVER LOCATED: Description Estimated Fair Market Value Total Personal Property -- Wherever Located $ Bar Form No. P-3.0900 - 2 of 3 © Florida Lawyers Support Services, Inc. Revised January 1, 2015 TOTAL OF ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY AND FLORIDA REAL ESTATE (Except exempt (protected) homestead) $ All real estate located outside the State of Florida owned by the decedent of which the personal representative is aware, if any, is described on a schedule attached hereto. [If none, so indicate] NOTICE: Each residuary beneficiary in a testate estate or heir in an intestate estate has the right to request a written explanation of how the inventory value of any asset was determined, including whether the personal representative obtained an independent appraisal for that asset and, if so, a copy of the appraisal. Any other beneficiary may request this information regarding all assets distributed to or proposed to be distributed to that beneficiary. Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing, and the facts alleged are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Signed on this _______ day of __________________________, ________. Attorney for Personal Representative Email Addresses: Personal Representative Florida Bar No. (address) Telephone: [Print or Type Names Under All Signature Lines] Bar Form No. P-3.0900 - 3 of 3 © Florida Lawyers Support Services, Inc. Revised January 1, 2015
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