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Instruction Sheet- Articles Of Incorporation For Cooperative Association Of For Profit And NonProfit Corporations - District Of Columbia

Instruction Sheet- Articles Of Incorporation For Cooperative Association Of For Profit And NonProfit Corporations Form. This is a District Of Columbia form and can be used in Cooperative Association Corporations Division Secretary Of State .
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DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL LICENSING ADMINISTRATION CORPORATIONS DIVISION Government Of the District of Columbia 941 NORTH CAPITOL STREET, N.E. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20002 INSTRUCTION SHEET - ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION FOR COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATIONOF FOR PROFIT AND NON-PROFIT CORPORATIONS 1. Articles must be typed on plain bond paper; do not use letterhead paper. Letter sized and legal papers are both acceptable. 2. Submit two (2) original signed sets of articles. (For non-profit corporations and cooperative associations, two (2) sets originally signed and notarized.) DO NOT SIGN ARTICLES THROUGH CARBON PAPER. 3. In articles, state the specific purposes the corporation will pursue. In the District of Columbia, general purposes (such as "any lawful purpose") are not acceptable. 4. Must include a statement of whether the association is organized with or without shares, and the number of shares or membership subscribed for; (if association is organized with stock the organization is considered a for-profit cooperative association). 5. Application must be signed by Incorporators and Acknowledge by at least 5 if natural persons, or by the Presidents and secretaries, if an Associations. Also, if an Associations, before an Officer authorized to take acknowledgement (must be notarized). 6. For other specific requirements on the articles for a cooperative association. you should review the particular statue under which you are incorporating: Business Corporations - D.C. Code, Title 29, Chapter 1 Non-Profit Corporations - D.C. Code, Title 29, Chapter 3 Professional Corporations - D.C. Code, Title 29, Chapter 4 Cooperative Associations - D.C. Code, Title 29, Chapter 9 All references are to the 2001 edition of the District of Columbia Code. Reading copies of the Code are available at all branches of the D.C. Library. Fee Schedule For-profit and Non-profit Cooperative Associations Filing Fee....................... $5.00 Indexing......................... $1.00 TOTAL.......................... $6.00 MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO "D.C. TREASURER" For General Information Call: Superintendent of Corporations - (202) 442-4432 Corporate Information and Name Availability - (202) 442-4432 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkflow.com
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