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Expedited Request By Fax Cover Sheet - Corporate Charter Division - Maryland

Expedited Request By Fax Cover Sheet - Corporate Charter Division Form. This is a Maryland form and can be used in Business Entity Secretary Of State .
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Maryland SDAT CORPORATE CHARTER DIVISION Effective February 1, 2016, the Department of Assessments and Taxation will no longer accept via facsimile (fax) corporate documents for filing Expedited Request by Fax Cover Sheet Note: All faxed filings and requests are expedited and an expedited filing surcharge beyond the processing fee applies to each request. See Fee Schedule at for the appropriate fees or e-mail the division at or telephone for new filings only 410-767-1340, for all other calls 410-767-1350. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fax all requests to 410-333-7097 Please type or print legibly, you may also fill this form out on your pc. Name of entity:____________________________________________________________________________________________ Fax number:___________________________________________________ Phone number:_________________________________________________ Number of pages transmitted:__________________ Contact person:__________________________________________________________ Name and address for return mail:_____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SERVICE REQUESTED NEW ENTITY FILING Check all that apply. Please visit our online business registration portal to register your business Return original document Note a $5.00 fee applies to this service _______Number of certified copies _______Number of certificates File document Certified copies of document being filed Short form Certificate of Status RECORD REQUEST Department ID number____________________________________ Entity name______________________________________________________________________________________________ Certificate of Status for existing entity Copies of documents previously recorded ________Number of certificates Attach separate sheet and specify: the name and title of each document; the date of recording, if known; liber and folio, if known; the number of copies wanted for each document. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This transaction will not be accepted without the following: CREDIT CARD INFORMATION O MASTERCARD O VISA (At this time we only accept Mastercard and VIsa) Cardholder's name______________________________________________________________________________ Credit card number_____________________________________________________________________________ Billing address and zip code ______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Expiration date____________________________________ 3 Digit security code____________________________ Signature of Cardholder__________________________________________________________________________ ============================FOR DEPARTMENTAL USE ONLY================================= AUTH NO.______________________CLERK:__________________FEE:____________________ Revised: 10/8/14 American LegalNet, Inc.
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