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Schedule B - Virginia

Schedule B Form. This is a Virginia form and can be used in Circuit Court Newport News Local County .
 Fillable pdf Last Modified 1/24/2007
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SCHEDULE B Employed By City & State Occupation Pay Period Next Payday Salary/Wage # Exemptions Children in Household Name Age Average Gross Pay/Month LESS: State Taxes FICA Health Insurance Life Insurance Required Retirement Avg. Monthly Net Pay Other Income MONTHLY NET INCOME HOUSEHOLD Mortgage or Rent Real Estate Property Taxes Homeowner's Insurance Repairs/Maintenance Furniture UTILITIES Electricity Gas/Heating Oil Water/Sewer Telephone Trash Cable TV FOOD Groceries Lunches AUTOMOBILE Payment/Depreciation Gasoline Repairs, Tags, Inspection Auto Insurance Parking/Other Transportation Personal Property Tax CHILDCARE EXPENSES Child Care School Tuition Lunch Money Lessons/Sports New Clothing New (Excluding Children) Cleaning/Laundry Uniforms HEALTH EXPENSES Doctor Dentist Therapist Eyeglasses Hospital Medicines Other DUES Professional Associations Social Associations Homeowner's Association MISCELLANEOUS Gifts (Xmas, Birthday) Church/Charity Entertainment Vacations Hobbies Personal Grooming Newspaper/Magazines Disability Insurance Life Insurance (Both H & W) Legal Expenses TOTALS PER MONTH Subtotal Expenses Subtotal Debt Payments Monthly Pmt. TOTAL EXPENSES TOTAL NET INCOME BALANCE (+) BALANCE (-) Monthly Pmt. LIQUID ASSETS ON HAND Cash/Checking/Savings Other Liquid Assets TOTAL LIQUID ASSETS CLOTHING Fixed Debts With Payments Balance Charge Account Debt Balance Total Debt Payments Submitted By: American LegalNet, Inc.
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