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Notice Of Scheduling Conference And Order To Appear CM-1 - Maryland

Notice Of Scheduling Conference And Order To Appear Form. This is a Maryland form and can be used in Case Management Family Law Circuit Court Statewide .
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* Plaintiff v. * * * Defendant * * * * * * * * IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR ________________________ Civil No.: * * * * * * NOTICE OF SCHEDULING CONFERENCE AND ORDER TO APPEAR In accordance with Maryland Rule 2-504.1, it is this by the Circuit Court for day of , Maryland, , ORDERED that the parties and their counsel shall attend a Scheduling Conference on the day of , Maryland at the , at a.m./p.m. at the Circuit Court for (address); and it is further ORDERED that each party and their counsel shall appear for the Scheduling Conference prepared to make decisions regarding settlement, consider appropriate forms of alternative dispute resolution, limit issues where possible, enter into stipulations, and discuss any other matters that may be considered at the conference; and it is further ORDERED that the parties shall complete the Scheduling Conference Information Form attached to this Order and bring the completed form to the Scheduling Conference; and it is further ORDERED that if child support or alimony is at issue, both parties also shall bring to the Scheduling Conference financial statements that have been completed in accordance with Maryland Rule 9-203(f) and copies of their last three paystubs or other income verification; and it is further American LegalNet, Inc. Page 1 of 2 CM 1 - Revised 27 July 2000 ORDERED that, to the extent practicable, all requests for the appointment of counsel for a minor child, social work investigations, psychological evaluations, and pendente lite relief shall be made at or before the Scheduling Conference; and it is further ORDERED that all parties and their respective counsel shall attend the Scheduling Conference in person, unless otherwise excused by the Court. Counsel or a party may be permitted to appear at the Scheduling Conference by telephone only at the discretion of the Court. Any request to be excused or to appear by telephone must be made in advance of the Scheduling Conference. COUNSEL SHALL HAVE THEIR SCHEDULES AVAILABLE SO ADDITIONAL DATES MAY BE SET. FAILURE BY COUNSEL OR A PARTY TO ATTEND THE SCHEDULING CONFERENCE AS ORDERED MAY RESULT IN A SHOW CAUSE HEARING AND THE IMPOSITION OF MONETARY OR OTHER SANCTIONS. JUDGE NOTICE This Scheduling Conference is being scheduled less than 30 days from the date of this Order. If you object and prefer a Scheduling Conference later than 30 days from the date of this Order, or if you have a scheduling conflict, please contact (court staff) at (telephone) to reset the Conference. American LegalNet, Inc. Page 2 of 2 CM 1 - Revised 27 July 2000
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