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Ex-Parte Order To Compel (Dissolution) - Florida

Ex-Parte Order To Compel (Dissolution) Form. This is a Florida form and can be used in Family Law Escambia Local County .
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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FLORIDA IN RE: ________________________________, Petitioner and ________________________________, Respondent EX-PARTE ORDER TO COMPEL THIS CAUSE came before the Court upon the motion of_______________________ to compel __________________________________ to file a Financial Affidavit and mandatory disclosure financial documents in accordance with Rule 12.285, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, and/or to complete the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course approved by the circuit as required by 61.21(3), Florida Statutes, and/or file the Notice of Social Security Number pursuant to 61.052(7), Florida Statutes. Examination of the file reveals that __________________________________ has failed to comply by not ( ) filing a Financial Affidavit, ( ) filing mandatory disclosure documents, ( ) completing the required course for divorcing parents, ( ) filing a Notice of Social Security Number. Upon consideration thereof it is hereby, ORDERED AND ADJUDGED: is to complete the following within ____ days of the signing of this Order. ( ) The Financial Affidavit, and/or ( ) The required mandatory disclosure. ( ) An approved parenting course for divorcing parents Failure to comply may result in the Court issuing the following sanction(s): ( ) Visitation and/or custody may be withheld from the party seeking same until completion of the required parenting course. ( ) Support requested may or may not be awarded based on the information provided by _________________________, presented either verbally (to the best of his/her knowledge) or through other proof provided to the Court. ( ) Relief requested may be awarded and/or denied. Other:__________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ The Court will allow the final hearing to be set after the time period has expired. DONE AND ORDERED at Pensacola, Florida this_________ day of___________________________________, 200____. _____________________________ CIRCUIT JUDGE Copies To: Petitioner:_________________________________ Respondent:_______________________________ American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkflow.com Case No.: ________________ Division "___"
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