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Notice Of Intent To File Written Application For Default Rule 1.1901 Form 10 - Iowa

Notice Of Intent To File Written Application For Default Form. This is a Iowa form and can be used in Civil District Court Statewide .
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Rule 1.1901 -- Form 10 February 2002 IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR _______________________ COUNTY Plaintiff(s), vs. Defendant(s). TO: (defendant) DATE OF NOTICE: (date of mailing) IMPORTANT NOTICE YOU ARE IN DEFAULT BECAUSE YOU HAVE FAILED TO TAKE ACTION REQUIRED OF YOU IN THIS CASE. UNLESS YOU ACT WITHIN TEN DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THIS NOTICE, A DEFAULT JUDGMENT WILL BE ENTERED AGAINST YOU WITHOUT A HEARING AND YOU MAY LOSE YOUR PROPERTY OR OTHER IMPORTANT RIGHTS. YOU SHOULD SEEK LEGAL ADVICE AT ONCE. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ (Signature of Plaintiff or Attorney) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ (Address) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ (Telephone Number) No. ______________________________ NOTICE OF INTENT TO FILE WRITTEN APPLICATION FOR DEFAULT American LegalNet, Inc.
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