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Contempt Citation (Rule To Show Cause) - Indiana

Contempt Citation (Rule To Show Cause) Form. This is a Indiana form and can be used in General Allen Local County .
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STATE OF INDIANA COUNTY OF ALLEN ) ) SS: ) IN THE ALLEN SUPERIOR COURT SMALL CLAIMS DIVISION FORT WAYNE, INDIANA CASE NUMBER: __________________________________________________ Plaintiff(s) VS. __________________________________________________ Defendant(s) CONTEMPT CITATION (RULE TO SHOW CAUSE) SERVE: You are hereby ordered to show cause as to why you should not be punished for contempt due to your failure to abide by the orders of the Court dated ______________________________________, specifically: Hearing on your Rule to Show Cause is set for ___________________________________ at __________ o'clock ____.M. in the Allen Superior Court Small Claims Division, 1 West Superior St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802 at which time you are ordered to be present. YOUR FAILURE TO APPEAR FOR THE HEARING ON THE RULE TO SHOW CAUSE MAY RESULT IN A BODY ATTACHMENT BEING ISSUED FOR YOUR ARREST. Dated: ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________ (________________) Attorney/Party Preparing Contempt Citation (Party Represented) _____________________________________________________________ Street Address _____________________________________________________________ City, State Zip Code _____________________________________________________________ Telephone Number Supreme Court ID Number _________________________________________________ Judge / Magistrate, Allen Superior Court MANNER OF SERVICE SHERIFF shall serve this Contempt Citation as follows: ______ ______ personal service leaving a copy at dwelling or place of employment OTHER manner of service: ______ ______ ______ attorney to serve private process server, __________________________________ other (describe in particular and note Trial Rule) CLERK shall serve this Contempt Citation as follows: ______ ______ ______ regular mail (Superior Court only) certified mail publication (Superior Court only) _____________________________________________________________ CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE BY REGULAR MAIL I hereby certify a copy of this document was sent by U.S. mail as designated above, to the named person, at the address furnished, at Fort Wayne, Indiana. Date: _________________________________________________________ 7/2015 Contempt Citation ____________________________________________________________ Clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior Courts American LegalNet, Inc. CERTIFIED MAIL I hereby certify, as indicated in the date issued field, that a copy of this document was sent to the named person at the address furnished, by registered / certified mail at Fort Wayne, Indiana, return receipt requested. I hereby certify that service by registered / certified mail at Fort Wayne, Indiana, was attempted as required by law to the person and address stated on the return receipt attached; and that service [ ] was [ ] was not made, according to the information contained therein. Date Returned: ________________________ Date Issued: _________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior Courts _____________________________________________________________ Clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior Courts ADMISSION OF SERVICE I received a copy of this document on this date ______________________________ and at this location: _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________. _____________________________________________________________ Signature of Party Relationship (if not the within named person) RETURN OF SERVICE BY SHERIFF OR OTHER OFFICER Enter the alphabetical letter in the space provided to indicate the type of service. I served a copy of this document as specified: ( __________ ) READING/delivering a copy (A) to the within named party: LEAVING A COPY for the within named party (B) with the SPOUSE, named: (C) with a RELATIVE, named: (D) at the RESIDENCE, located at: (E) with the EMPLOYER, named: (F) with a SECRETARY, named: (G) with the ATTORNEY, named: (H) with this person (OTHER - specify): ______________________________________________________________ Specify name of person, work supervisor, place of business, or location where copy was left. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ and (if applicable) by sending a copy of this document by first-class mail to the last known address of the within named person as indicated: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Last Known Address of Person Named in the document (or Change of Address) I did not serve a copy of this document because:( __________ ) (I) (J) (K) (L) (M) (N) (O) (P) (Q) the party was NOT FOUND / NO SUCH ADDRESS. the document EXPIRED. the party AVOIDED service. the party REFUSED service. the party was NO LONGER EMPLOYED at that address. the document was RETURNED by the authority of the plaintiff. the party is DECEASED. the party was UNKNOWN AT THAT ADDRESS. the party was on SICK LEAVE / LAY OFF. (R) (S) (T) (U) (V) (W) (X) (Y) the party was on VACATION. the party was NOT FOUND / VACANT. the party was NOT FOUND / MOVED. the party was NOT FOUND IN THIS BAILIWICK. INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS OR INFORMATION WAS GIVEN. they are NO LONGER IN BUSINESS. several attempts were made / UNABLE TO SERVE. of the following reason (OTHER - specify): _____________________________________________________________ I affirm, under the penalty of perjury, that the foregoing representations are true. _____________________________________________________________ Date Served / Attempted Time Served / Attempted _____________________________________________________________ Signature of Sheriff of Allen County, Indiana (or other Officer) _____________________________________________________________ (Printed Name of Process Server) By: _________________________________________________________ (Signature of Process Server) 7/2015 Return of Service American LegalNet, Inc.
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