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Stay Of Execution Application Summary Process JD-HM-21 - Connecticut

Stay Of Execution Application Summary Process Form. This is a Connecticut form and can be used in Housing Statewide .
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STAY OF EXECUTION APPLICATION - SUMMARY PROCESS JD-HM-21 Rev. 10-11 C.G.S. ยงยง 47a-30, 47a-35, 47a-36, 47a-37, 47a-39 STATE OF CONNECTICUT SUPERIOR COURT Name and mailing address of Plaintiff or Plaintiff's Attorney ADA NOTICE The Judicial Branch of the State of Connecticut complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you need a reasonable accommodation in accordance with the ADA, contact a court clerk or an ADA contact person listed at Instructions to Tenant Fill-out this application and file all three (3) copies with the clerk of the court location where the judgment was entered. One (1) copy will be returned to you showing the Date of Hearing. Name and mailing address of Defendant or Defendant's Attorney Case docket number J.D. Housing Session G.A. Number Clerk's office address ( Number, street, town and zip code) Name and address of Plaintiff (Landlord) (If not indicated above) Name of Defendant/Applicant (Tenant) (If not indicated above) and address (if not indicated above or if different from Location of Premises below) Location of Premises Date of judgment To: The Superior Court 1. I request that my eviction be delayed (stay of execution of the judgment) because: A. I live in the premises. B. I have tried to find other premises for me and my family somewhere else in my city or town or in a city or town near my city or town in a neighborhood like my neighborhood and cannot find one. C. This application is made honestly and I will do whatever the court orders me to do. 2. The eviction was not granted because of nuisance committed or permitted by me or because of the use of or permitting the use of the premises for an immoral or illegal purpose or because I never had a right or privilege to live in the premises. 3. If the eviction was granted because of nonpayment of rent, then within 5 days of the date of judgment, I deposited with the clerk the full arrearage (amount of back rent and/or use and occupancy owed to the landlord) of $ required by section 47a-37 of the General Statutes Or; No arrearage exists. (Applicant should bring proof of payment to the hearing.) Telephone number of Defendant/Applicant Signed (Defendant/Applicant) Date signed Notice Of Court Hearing - Stay Of Execution Application To: The parties named above The tenant(s) named above has filed an application in this court requesting a stay of execution of the judgment entered on the Date of Judgment shown above, as stated in the application above. The Superior Court will hold a hearing on this application at the Place, Date and Time shown below. This is to notify you that if you want to talk to the court about this application, you or your attorney must come to the court on that date and at that time. If the landlord does not come to the hearing, an order granting the application and delaying your eviction (staying the execution of the judgment) may be entered. If the tenant(s) does not come to the hearing, an order denying the application may be entered. Place of hearing (If different from clerk's office address shown above) Date of hearing Time of hearing .m. Signed (Assistant Clerk) Date signed Order Of Court The Court orders this Application: Distribution: Original - Court Granted Denied By the Court (Judge, Assistant Clerk) Copy 1 - Plaintiff Copy 2 - Defendant/Applicant STAY OF EXECUTION American LegalNet, Inc.
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