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Disposition Of Personal Property Waiver And Consent - Florida

Disposition Of Personal Property Waiver And Consent Form. This is a Florida form and can be used in Probate Leon Local County .
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DISPOSITION OF PERSONAL PROPERTY WAIVER & CONSENT FILE NUMBER: ____________________ RE: ESTATE OF____________________________________________, Deceased. I, _______________________________, residing at ___________________________________, Name of Interested Party Address _________________________________, am the _____________________________ City State Zip Relation to Deceased of ____________________________________. Name of Deceased I hereby waive my Right, Title and Interest to the assets of the Estate in favor of ___________________________________________ to enable her/him (select one by circling) Claimant's Name to pay the expenses or receive the proceeds of the Estate of the above named deceased. _______________________________ Signature of Witness _______________________________ Name of Witness (printed) ___________________________________ Signature of Interested Party ___________________________________ Address ___________________________________ City State Zip ___________________________________ (Area Code) Telephone Number _______________________________ Date 2000 © American LegalNet, Inc.
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