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Articles Of Revocation Of A Voluntary Dissolution (Domestic Corporation) CD-8 - West Virginia

Articles Of Revocation Of A Voluntary Dissolution (Domestic Corporation) Form. This is a West Virginia form and can be used in Domestic Corporation Business Organizations Secretary Of State .
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West Virginia Secretary of State State Capitol Building Charleston, WV 2530 Charleston, WV 25305 FILE ONE ORIGINAL FEE: $15.00 (Two if you want a filed stamped copy returned to you) ARTICLES OF REVOCATION OF A VOLUNTARY DISSOLUTION OF A WV CORPORATION Penney Barker, Manager Corporations Division Tel: (304)558-8000 Fax: (304)558-8381 Website: www.wvsos.com E-mail: business@wvsos.com Office Hours: Monday ­ Friday 8:30 a.m. ­ 5:00 p.m. ET **** The officers or board of directors adopt and file the following Articles of Revocation of a **** Voluntary Dissolution according to the provisions of the WV Code §31D-14-1404. 1. The name of the corporation is: ______________________________________________________ 2. The date the revocation of dissolution was authorized: ____________________________________ 3. The mailing address to which correspondence relating to this matter should be addressed is: _________________________________________ _______________________________________ No. & Street City/State/Zip 4. Check the statement that confirms what basis the revocation of dissolution is based upon: The Corporation's board of directors or incorporators revoked the dissolution. The Corporation's board of directors revoked the dissolution authorized by the shareholders and revocation was permitted by action by the board of directors alone pursuant to that authorization. Shareholder action was required to revoke the dissolution and conformed to the provision as required by the provisions of the West Virginia Code. 5. Name and phone number of contact person. (This is optional, however, if there is a problem with the filing, listing a contact person and phone number may avoid having to return or reject the document.) __________________________________________________ ______________________________ Contact Name Phone Number 6. Signature information (See below *Important Legal Notice Regarding Signature): Print Name of Signer: ________________________________ Title/Capacity: __________________ Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ________________________ *Important Legal Notice Regarding Signature: Per West Virginia Code §31D-1-129. Penalty for signing false document. Any person who signs a document he or she knows is false in any material respect and knows that the document is to be delivered to the secretary of state for filing is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than one thousand dollars or confined in the county or regional jail not more than one year, or both. Form CD-8 Issued by the Office of the Secretary of State Revised 01/17 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILING A REVOCATION OF A VOLUNTARY DISSOLUTION If the decision to dissolve is reversed, the actions necessary to revoke the dissolution are very similar to the actions previously required for approval of dissolution. Send one original application or if you would like a filed copy returned to you, send an additional copy of the original application to the Office of the Secretary of State. The application needs to be signed by an officer of the corporation or by the chairman of the board of directors. The filing fee is $15 and the check should be made payable to the WV Secretary of State. If you are requesting a Certified Copy of the filing returned to you, include the additional payment of $15 per Certified Copy requested. Registration fee: $15 per Certified Copy: Total Fee: + = $15 Make your checks payable to West Virginia Secretary of State. IF YOU NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONCERNING FILING FOR A REVOCATION OF A VOLUNTARY DISSOLUTION, PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT 304-558-8000. Form CD-8 Issued by the Office of the Secretary of State Revised 01/17 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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