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Partnership Form For Corporation - Virginia

Partnership Form For Corporation Form. This is a Virginia form and can be used in Circuit Court Chesapeake Local County .
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PARTNERSHIP FORM FOR CORPORATION The full name of each corporation composing the below named co-partnership and their respective post-office and residence addresses are: NAME POST OFFICE ADDRESS RESIDENCE ADDRESS ___________________________ ______________________ _____________________________ ___________________________ ______________________ _____________________________ The name and style of the firm is _____________________________________________________. The length of time for which it is to continue is __________________________________________. The locality of the place of business of the said firm is ____________________________________ Chesapeake, Virginia. In Testimony Whereof, We have hereunto signed our names this ____ day of ___________, ______. ______________________________________ Name of Corporation By____________________________________ ______________________________________ Name of Corporation By____________________________________ STATE OF _____________ CITY OR COUNTY OF __________________, to-wit: I, _________________________________, a Notary Public in and for the ________ aforesaid, whose commission expires on the _____ day of ____________, _______, do hereby certify that _________________________________________________ whose names are signed to the foregoing certificate have acknowledged the same before me on this _____ day of ______________, ________. _______________________________________ Notary Public VIRGINIA: In the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court in the City of Chesapeake, on the ____ day of ____________, ______. This certificate was this day received and upon certificate of acknowledgment thereto annexed, admitted to record. Teste: FAYE W. MITCHELL, CLERK By ________________________ D.C. Where business is conducted in this State, under an assumed or fictitious name by a corporation, such corporation shall file in the office of the Clerk of the State Corporation Commission a copy of such certificate, duly attested by the Clerk in which the original is filed. American LegalNet, Inc.
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