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CJA Travel Authorization - New York

CJA Travel Authorization Form. This is a New York form and can be used in Southern District District Court Federal .
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Procedures for Preparing Travel Authorization Letter for Attorneys and Experts 1. Open Travel Authorization File -Complete the name, address and telephone field. -In the authorized travel field specify traveler's name and indicate if it is an atty or expert. (CJA WILL NOT PAY FOR THE DEFENDANT TO TRAVEL.) - In the case caption field enter name of case. ex. USA vs. Doe - In the client name field enter name of person being represented. - In the case number field enter docket number and Judge's Initials, ex. 92-CR-185 (JSR) - In the travel destination field specify where traveler is departing and arriving. - In authorized travel dates field enter the specific dates of travel. 2. Once all the information has been entered print the Travel Authorization Letter and forward it to the presiding judge along with a cover letter explaining the need for travel. 3. After the Travel Authorization Letter is signed by the Judge, it is sent to the the CJA Office. If the attorney does not receive a copy from chambers, they are to contact the CJA Office. 4. Since the attorney is usually informed before the CJA Office, the attorney must fax the signed authorization to Diana Gustaferri in the Finance Office at (212) 805-0387. The authorized traveler can then contact National Travel Service to make the necessary travel arrangements. 4. The authorized traveler should keep a copy with them while on travel. American LegalNet, Inc. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK OFFICE OF THE CLERK 500 Pearl Street New York, New York 10007 Ruby J. Krajick Clerk of the Court Attorney Name : Address : Telephone #: Date of Appointment : Authorized Traveler: Case Caption: Client's Name : Case Number : Destination: Departing From: Arriving At: Authorized Travel Dates: 00..0.2 Pursuant to Section 702 of the Federal Courts Administration Act of 1992, Public Law 102-572,106 Stat. 4506, you are hereby authorized to obtain Government Travel rates for the above travel under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA). You are authorized to contact National Travel Service (NTS) at (800) 445-0668 to request reservations for airline tickets. You must identify yourself as a CJA attorney in the Southern District of New York and advise NTS that your tickets are to be charged to the Courts account. You may instruct NTS where to deliver your tickets. A signed copy of this Travel Authorization, must be faxed to Diana Gustaferri in the Cashier's Office at (212) 805-0387 and the CJA Office at (212) 805-7964 for auditing purposes. __________________ U.S.D.J ____________ Date Rev. 4/12 American LegalNet, Inc.
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