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Docketing Statement AP-027 - Wisconsin

Docketing Statement Form. This is a Wisconsin form and can be used in Court Of Appeals .
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STATE OF WISCONSIN COURT OF APPEALS DISTRICT Case Caption (Case Name) COUNTY OF ORIGIN DOCKETING STATEMENT Circuit Court Case No. Case Number Issued by Court of Appeals Appellant(s) (Cross-Applicant) Attorney's Name and Address (Space for file stamp.) Attorney's Telephone Number Respondent(s) (Cross-Respondent) Attorney's Name and Address Attorney's Telephone Number CRITERIA FOR EXPEDITED APPEALS ! This Docketing Statement is used solely to determine whether an appeal should be placed on the expedited appeal calendar. The respondent is not required to respond to the Docketing Statement. Generally, an appeal is appropriate for the expedited appeal calendar if: 1. no more than 3 issues are raised; 2. the parties' briefs will not exceed 15 pages in length; and 3. the briefs can be filed in a shorter time than normally allowed. These requirements can be modified somewhat in appropriate cases. ! Parties should assume that the appeal will proceed under regular appellate procedure unless the court notifies them that the appeal is being considered for placement on the expedited appeals calendar. JURISDICTION Has judgment or order appealed from been "entered" (filed with the clerk of circuit court)? Yes No If yes, date of entry . Is appeal timely? (See §808.04, Wisconsin Statutes) Yes No Is judgment or order final (does it dispose of the entire matter in litigation as to one or more of the parties)? Yes No (If "no", explain jurisdiction basis for appeal on separate sheet.) NATURE OF ACTION ­ Briefly describe the nature of action and the result in circuit court: ISSUES ­ Specify the issues to be raised on appeal: (Attach separate sheet if necessary.) (Failure to include any matter in the docketing statement does not constitute waiver of that issue on appeal. The court may impose sanctions if it appears available information was withheld. Court of Appeals Internal Operating Procedures, sec. VII(2)(b).) AP-027, 09/04 DOCKETING STATEMENT Page 1 of 2 Wis. Stats. §§809.10(1)(d), 809.17(1) and 809.40(3) American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com This form shall not be modified. It may be supplemented with additional material. DOCKETING STATEMENT Page 2 of 2 Case No. STANDARD OF REVIEW ­ Specify the proper standard of review for each issue to be raised, citing relevant authority: Do you wish to have this appeal placed on the expedited appeals calendar? (See Criteria For Expedited Appeals.) Yes No If "no", explain : Will a decision in this appeal meet the criteria for publication in Rule 809.23(1)? Yes No Will you request oral argument? Yes No List all parties in trial court action who will not participate in this appeal: Party Attorney's Name and Telephone Number Reason for not Participating Are you aware of any pending or completed appeal arising out of the same or a companion trial court case that involves the same facts and the same or related issue? Yes No Name of Case Appeal Number Signature of Person Preparing Docketing Statement Name Printed or Typed Date Appellant Note: You MUST attach a copy of the following trial court documents to this form: 1. Trial court's judgment or order and findings of fact. 2. Conclusions of law. 3. Memorandum decision or opinion upon which the judgment or order is based. You MUST also furnish all opposing counsel with a copy of this completed Docketing Statement and attached trial court documents. AP-027, 09/04 DOCKETING STATEMENT Page 2 of 2 Wis. Stats. §§809.10(1)(d), 809.17(1) and 809.40(3) American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com This form shall not be modified. It may be supplemented with additional material.
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