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Notice Of Clients Right To Arbitration - California

Notice Of Clients Right To Arbitration Form. This is a California form and can be used in Fee Dispute Contra Costa Local County .
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Notice of Client's Right to Arbitration Client's Name: Client's Address: o I have filed a lawsuit against you in the ___________________________________________________ Court _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address Case No. o I have filed an arbitration proceeding against you with the ____________________________________ Agency ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______ Address Case No. o I intend to file a lawsuit or arbitration against you regarding your failure to pay my fees and/or costs for professional services in the amount of $ charged to you in the matter of____________________________________________________________. As an alternative to the above, you have the right under Sections 6200-6206 of the California Business and Professions Code to request arbitration of this fee dispute by an independent, impartial arbitrator or panel of arbitrators through a bar association program created solely to resolve fee disputes between lawyers and clients. You will LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO ARBITRATION UNDER THIS PROGRAM if: 1. YOU DO NOT FILE A WRITTEN APPLICATION FOR ARBITRATION WITH THE BAR ASSOCIATION WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM RECEIPT OF THIS NOTICE; OR YOU RECEIVE THIS NOTICE AND THEN EITHER (1) ANSWER A COMPLAINT I HAVE FILED IN COURT; OR (2) FILE A RESPONSE TO ANY ARBITRATION PROCEEDING THAT I HAVE INITIATED FOR COLLECTION OF FEES, AND/OR COSTS, WITHOUT FIRST HAVING SERVED AND FILED A REQUEST FOR ARBITRATION UNDER THIS PROGRAM; OR YOU FILE AN ACTION OR PLEADING IN ANY LAWSUIT WHICH SEEKS A COURT DECISION ON THIS DISPUTE OR WHICH SEEKS DAMAGES FOR ANY ALLEGED MALPRACTICE OR PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT. If I have already filed a lawsuit or arbitration, you may have the lawsuit or arbitration postponed AFTER you have filed an application for arbitration under this program. You can obtain a form to request arbitration from the local bar association if they have an approved fee arbitration program. The address of the Contra Costa County arbitration program is: Contra Costa County Bar Association 1001 Galaxy Way, Suite 102 Concord, CA 94520-5736 (925) 686-6900 The State Bar of California will conduct fee arbitration where there is no approved local program or if you believe you cannot receive a fair hearing before the local bar named above. If you need assistance, please contact Mandatory Fee Arbitration, State Bar of California, 180 Howard St., San Francisco, CA, 94105, (415) 538-2020. Date: Attorney: 2. 3. 2001 (C) American LegalNet, Inc.
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