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Waiver Of Extradition 9-803 - New Mexico

Waiver Of Extradition Form. This is a New Mexico form and can be used in Criminal Statewide .
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9-803. [Section 31-4-22 NMSA 1978] STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF ___________________ ________________________ COURT STATE OF NEW MEXICO, v. _______________________________, Defendant No. _____________ WAIVER OF EXTRADITION I, ________________________, in open court do hereby freely and voluntarily state that I am the identical _________________, against whom a criminal proceeding charging me with ______________ has been initiated in the county of _____________, State of ___________, and I further hereby freely, voluntarily without threats or promises of reward agree to return to that county and state, without legal process. I further acknowledge that I will be held without bond while awaiting the agent of the State of ___________________ to take me into custody. I further acknowledge that I have been informed of my rights to legal counsel, to require the issuance and service of a warrant of extradition as provided in Section 31-4-22 NMSA 1978 and my right to contest said warrant of extradition through a writ of habeas corpus as provided in Section 31-4-10 NMSA 1978. This waiver is not an admission of guilt. I agree to return to the State of ________________, with any peace officer who may be sent to take me to that state for trial. This statement and waiver (made in quadruplicate), done at __________________ County, New Mexico, this ____ day of __________________, _____, in the presence of a judge of the ________________ Court of that county. ___________________________ Attorney for Defendant ______________________________ Assistant District Attorney I hereby certify that the foregoing was executed in my presence and that I informed the defendant of his rights to require the issuance and service of a warrant of extradition as provided by the laws of New Mexico, and his right to contest said warrant of extradition __________________________ Defendant American LegalNet, Inc. through a writ of habeas corpus. I do hereby direct the officer having such person in custody to deliver forthwith such person to the duly accredited agent of the demanding state, together with a copy of this waiver, and that the original hereof shall forthwith be forwarded to the office of the governor of the State of New Mexico for filing. ________________________________ Judge Original - Governor 2nd & 3rd - Agent 4th - File [Approved, effective July 1, 1982.] 2 American LegalNet, Inc.
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