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Solicitation Of Interest SOI - Wisconsin

Solicitation Of Interest Form. This is a Wisconsin form and can be used in Securities Blue Sky Secretary Of State .
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Form SOI SOLICITATION OF INTEREST FORM ______________________________________________________________________ Name of Issuer Street Address of Principal Office: _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Issuer Telephone Number: ________________________________________________ Date of Organization: ____________________________________________________ Amount of the Proposed Offering: _________________________________________ Name of Chief Executive Officer: __________________________________________ THIS IS A SOLICITATION OF INTEREST ONLY. NO MONEY OR OTHER CONSIDERATION IS BEING SOLICITED AND NONE WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO SALES OF THE SECURITIES WILL BE MADE OR COMMITMENT TO PURCHASE ACCEPTED UNTIL THE DELIVERY OF A FINAL OFFERING CIRCULAR THAT INCLUDES COMPLETE INFORMATION ABOUT THE ISSUER AND THE OFFERING. AN INDICATION OF INTEREST MADE BY A PROSPECTIVE INVESTOR INVOLVES NO OBLIGATION OR COMMITMENT OF ANY KIND. THIS OFFER IS BEING MADE PURSUANT TO AN EXEMPTION FROM REGISTRATION UNDER [THE FEDERAL AND] STATE SECURITIES LAWS. NO SALES MAY BE MADE UNTIL THE SECURITIES ARE REGISTERED OR EXEMPTED IN WISCONSIN. Describe briefly and in general what business the company does or proposes to do, including what products or goods are or will be produced or what services are or will be rendered.
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