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Ohio Statutory Requirements And Related Administrative Rules For Offerings D-DREQ - Ohio

Ohio Statutory Requirements And Related Administrative Rules For Offerings Form. This is a Ohio form and can be used in Securities Blue Sky Secretary Of State .
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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Ohio Statutory Requirements and Administrative Rules for Offerings under Rule 506 of Regulation D Filing Requirements: A copy or printout of the Form D electronically filed with the SEC must be filed with the Division within fifteen days of the date of first sale in Ohio. A check for $100.00 payable to the Ohio Division of Securities must be included with the Form D. The filing should be sent to the Division's address listed on the letterhead. Only issuers relying on Rule 506 of Regulation D may file the Form D with the Division. See R.C. 1707.03(X). No Consent to Service of Process: As of September 28, 2011, issuers are no longer required to submit a consent to service of process with Form D filings. See R.C. 1707.11. Items Not Required: The Division interprets section 18(b)(4)(D) of the Securities Act of 1933 as prohibiting any state specific requirements other than submission of the Form D and a filing fee. Accordingly, an original, or "manual," signature is not required. The Division does not require any state specific legend on the Form D. Sales reports and notices of termination of the offering may be submitted but are not required. Cover letters are customary but not required. Late Filings: For filings made more than fifteen days after the date of first sale in Ohio, an additional $100.00 penalty fee must be included with the $100 filing fee and the late Form D. See R.C. 1707.391 and Ohio Administrative Code 1301:6-3-391(F). Amendments/Renewals: Amendments to an issuer's initial Form D filing should be filed with the Division anytime they are filed with the SEC. Annual renewals are considered amendments and should also be filed with the Division. No additional fees are required to file amendments. See R.C. 1707.03(X)(3). Commissions: Commissions or other compensation for the sale of securities in the State of Ohio may be paid only to dealers and salespersons licensed by the Division, or a bank. Finder's fees may not be paid to unlicensed persons. See R.C. 1707.01(E), 1707.01(O), 1707.14 and 1707.44(A). Issuer Licensing Exception: An issuer (including its officers, directors, managers, partners, trustees, or employees) selling its own securities may not be required to be licensed by the Division if no commissions or other compensation based on the sale of securities are paid. See R.C. 1707.01(E)(1)(a). Burden of Proof: In any litigation, the burden of proof is on the party claiming the benefit of any exemption under the Ohio Securities Act. See R.C. 1707.45. The Ohio Securities Act and related administrative rules are available on the Division's website, http://www.com.ohio.gov/secu/, under "Laws, Rules and Guidelines." The Form D is available at http://www.sec.gov/info/smallbus/cfformd.htm. For additional questions, you may call the Registration Section at (614) 466-2494. EOE/ADA SERVICE PROVIDER FOR TTY USERS DIAL ORS 1-800-750-0750 77 South High Street 22nd Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215-6131 U.S.A. An Equal Opportunity Employer and Service Provider 614 | 644 7381 Fax 614 | 466 3316 TTY/TDD 800 | 750 0750 www.com.ohio.gov American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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