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Application For CR Scor West - Idaho

Application For CR Scor West Form. This is a Idaho form and can be used in Securities Bureau Department Of Finance Blue Sky Secretary Of State .
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EST-WORSC-RCAPPLICATION FOR 1)-TWES-ORSC-RC( filing.tes-WORSC-wvieRe dteinardooCThe Applicant requests that this filing be processed as a is available only to tes-WCOR-SCRPlease note that SCOR and Regulation A offerings. Blank.CR-SCOR-Westcheck and blind pool offerings do not qualify for Please attach this request to the front of the Form U-1 filed as the Iss uers application for stateregistration and state in bold type in the cover letter accompanying the application that theCR-SCOR-Westapplication is pursuant to . A copy of this form and the cover letter should be is onlyCR-SCOR-Westsent to each participating state in which the Issuer intends to register . available if the issuer intends to register in two or more of the partic ipating states. states in which you intend to file forCR-SCOR-WestOn the table below, please indicate the registration. These states should also be listed in item 7 of the Form U -1 in addition to all otherstates in which application for registration is being made. Alaska Montana Utah Arizona Nevada Washington Colorado New Mexico Wyoming Idaho Oregon Lead State The participating states will select a Lead State to coordinate the revi ew. If the applicantsprincipal place of business is not in one of the states identified above , please file a copy of thisform, along with the Registration Statement and Prospectus, with the Was hington State SecuritiesDivision, even if the Issuer does not intend to register its shares for sale in Washington. Project. There will beCR-SCOR-WestWashington is acting as the Program Administrator of the . Do not send fees to Washington unless the issuer intends toCR-SCOR-Westno additional fee for register its securities in that state. The Applicant attests that all Registration Statements and Prospectuses will be identical in each ofthe states listed in the attached Form U-1 and that all applications wil l be filed contemporaneouslyin those states. Subsequent amendments to the Registration Statement wil l also be filed process will take aCR-SCOR-Westcontemporaneously in the state identified above. The -1 CR-SCOR-Westminimum of 30 days. The applicant should consider this time frame and fi le the possible. as soon as ApplicationCR-SCOR-West /13/12 01 Page - 1 <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2The Applicant understands that any application filed in a state subseque nt to the initial filing willCR-SCOR-be reviewed separately. The Applicant should understand that states par ticipating in will be using certain NASAA Guidelines as uniform standards. For inform ation on theWeststandards to be applied, please contact the Washington Securities Divisi on at (360) 902-8760.The Applicant agrees to resolve comments through the Lead State until su ch time as the LeadState agrees that the comment should be resolved through direct contact between the applicantand the state with the unresolved comment. The applicant hereby waives automatic effectiveness in the states identi fied above. ____________________________________ Authorized Representative ____________________________________ Print Name ____________________________________ Title ApplicationtesW-ORC-SRC 10//1312 Page - 2
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