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Statement Of Partnership Authority UPA-93 - Virginia

Statement Of Partnership Authority Form. This is a Virginia form and can be used in Partnership Secretary Of State .
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COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA STATE CORPORATION COMMISSION UPA-93 (07/10) STATEMENT OF PARTNERSHIP AUTHORITY The undersigned, on behalf of the partnership set forth below, pursuant to Title 50, Chapter 2.2, Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, state as follows: 1. The name of the partnership is ______________________________________________________________________________________. 2. The partnership is formed under the laws of __________________________________________________. (state or other jurisdiction) 3. (Mark if applicable:) The partnership was previously authorized or registered with the Commission to transact business in Virginia as another type of foreign business entity. (See instructions.) Set forth the additional required information on an attachment. 4. The address, including the street and number, if any, of the partnership's principal office is ______________________________________________________________________________________. (number/street) (city or town) (state) (zip) 5. The address, including the street and number, if any, of one office of the partnership in Virginia (if any) is __________________________________________________________________, VA ________________. (number/street) (city or town) (zip) 6. (Mark applicable box) The names and mailing addresses of all of the partners are: Name Address _____________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ _____________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ OR The name and mailing address of an agent who was appointed by the partnership for the purpose of maintaining a list of the names and mailing addresses of all of the partners, are: Name Address _____________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ 7. An instrument transferring real property held in the name of the partnership is authorized to be executed by the following partner(s): (The name of at least one partner is required.) ________________________________________ (name) ____________________________________________ (name) 8. (Optional): Set forth the authority, or limitations on the authority, of some or all of the partners to enter into other transactions on behalf of the partnership or any other matter. Signatures of partners (must be executed by at least two): ___________________________________ (signature) ________________________________ (printed name) ________________ (date) ___________________________________ (signature) ________________________________ (printed name) ________________ (date) Telephone number (optional): ________________________________________ PRIVACY ADVISORY: Information such as social security number, date of birth, maiden name, or financial institution account numbers is NOT required to be included in business entity documents filed with the Office of the Clerk of the Commission. Any information provided on these documents is subject to public viewing. SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE REVERSE American LegalNet, Inc. INSTRUCTIONS TO FORM UPA-93 The statement must be in the English language, typewritten or printed in black on white, opaque paper 8 1/2" by 11" in size, legible and reproducible, and free of visible watermarks and background logos. A minimum of 1" must be provided on the left, top and bottom margins and 1/2" on the right margin. Use only one side of a page. This form may be modified to provide for additional partner listings and signatures. You can download this form from our website at This statement may, but is not required to, be filed with the State Corporation Commission. See § 50-73.83 A of the Code of Virginia. This statement does not constitute the formation of a partnership. If the partnership was previously authorized or registered to transact business in Virginia as a foreign corporation, limited liability company, business trust, limited partnership or registered limited liability partnership, with respect to every such prior authorization or registration, set forth, on an attachment, the name of the entity, the entity type (e.g., limited partnership), the state or other jurisdiction of incorporation, organization or formation; and the identification number that was issued to the entity by the Commission. Unless earlier canceled, a filed statement of partnership authority is automatically canceled five years after the date on which the statement, its most recent renewal or its most recent amendment, was filed with the Commission. See § 50-73.93 G of the Code of Virginia. The person who files this statement must promptly send a copy of the statement to every nonfiling partner and to any other person named as a partner in the statement. See § 50-73.83 E of the Code of Virginia. If the statement names an agent in paragraph number 6 in lieu of naming partners, the agent shall maintain a list of the names and mailing addresses of all the partners and make it available to any person on request for good cause shown. See § 50-73.93 B of the Code of Virginia. The statement must designate the name(s) of the partner(s) authorized to execute an instrument transferring an interest in real estate held in the name of the partnership. See § 50-73.93 A (1)(d) of the Code of Virginia. The name of one or more partners must be set forth in item 7. This statement must be signed by at least two partners. Each person signing this statement must set forth his or her printed name next to or beneath his or her signature. A person signing on behalf of a partner that is a business entity should set forth the business entity's name, his or her printed name, and the capacity in which he or she is signing on behalf of the business entity. Any person may execute a statement by an attorney-in-fact. See § 50-73.83 C of the Code of Virginia. It is a Class 1 misdemeanor for any person to sign a document he or she knows is false in any material respect with the intent that the document be delivered to the Commission for filing. See § 50-73.83 C of the Code of Virginia. Submit the original, signed statement to the Clerk of the State Corporation Commission, P.O. Box 1197, Richmond, Virginia 23218-1197, (Street address: 1300 East Main Street, Tyler Building, 1st floor, Richmond, Virginia 23219), along with a check for the filing fee in the amount of $25.00, payable to the
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