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Real Estate Transactions - Virginia

Real Estate Transactions Form. This is a Virginia form and can be used in Miscellaneous Secretary Of State .
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COMPANY NAME: ___________________________________________________________________ REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS IN 20___ PURCHASE/CONVEYANCE COUNTY OR CITY: __________________________________________________________________ DISTRICT OR TOWN: ________________________________________________________________ DESCRIBE TRANSACTION: __________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ GRANTEE/GRANTOR: _______________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION (include facilitys name): _________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ SIZE: _______________________________________________________________________________ LOCAL MAP NUMBER: __________________________________ CONSIDERATION: _______________________________________ DATE OF DEED: _________________________________________ DATE DEED DELIVERED: _________________________________ DATE DEED RECORDED: _ _______________________DEED BOOK: _________PAGE: ______ LIST IMPROVEMENTS: ______________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: ALL OF THIS INFORMATION MAY NOT BE AV AILABLE TO YOU, HOWEVER PLEASE FILL IN AS COMPLETELY AS POSSIBLE. NOTE: REAL ESTATE LEASED BY YOUR COMPANY ON WHICH YOU OWN THE IMPROVEMENTS ARE TO BE INCLUDED. PLEASE FILL IN AS MUCH INFORMATION AS AVAILABLE. (ATTACH COPY OF PLAT TO THIS STATEMENT) American LegalNet, Inc.
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