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Inventory - Tennessee

Inventory Form. This is a Tennessee form and can be used in Probate Chancery Court Williamson Local County .
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CHANCERY COURT OF WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE IN RE: ) ) NO.________ INVENTORY My inventory of the estate in the above matter shows the following property: PERSONAL PROPERTY VALUE 1. Cash on Hand ________________________________________ 2. Money on Deposit ________________________________________ 3. Stock and Bonds ________________________________________ 4. Household Furnishings ________________________________________ 5. Interest in Business ________________________________________ 6. Insurance Payable to Estate ________________________________________ 7. Notes and Debts Owed ________________________________________ 8. Farm Products/Livestock/Equip. ________________________________________ 9. Automobiles and Trucks ________________________________________ 10. Boats, Recreational Vehicles ________________________________________ 11. Jewelry, Collectibles ________________________________________ 12. Other Personal Property ________________________________________ Total Value of Personal Property ________________________________________ REAL ESTATE VALUE (Address) _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ TOTAL VALUE OF ESTATE ________________________________________ The above is a full, true, and perfect inventory of all the goods and chattels, rights, and credits of this estate to the best of my knowledge and belief. ____________________________________ Fiduciary Subscribed and sworn to before me, this the ________ day of _________________, 20___. My Commission Expires: ______________________ ____________________________________ N otary/Clerk Approved for Recording: _______________________________________ ELAINE B. BEELER, CLERK AND MASTER (Forms\Accounting\inventory)
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