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Motion To Pay Judgment By Installments (Slow Pay Motion) 043 - Tennessee

Motion To Pay Judgment By Installments (Slow Pay Motion) Form. This is a Tennessee form and can be used in Attachment And Slow Pay Chancery Court Hamilton Local County .
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IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF HAMILTON COUNTY, TENNESSEE _____________________________________________________ * P laintiff * * N0._____________ vs. * * PART___________ _____________________________________________________ * D efendant * MOTION TO PAY JUDGMENT BY INSTALLMENTS (SLOW PAY MOTION) ________________________________________________, Judgment Debtor, requests the Court, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotat6-ed2 -216, 2 to be permitted to pay to the Judgment Creditor the sum of $__________________. (Check one of the following)  Weekly  Biweekly  Monthly and all further executions or garnishments be stayed pending such payments. NOTE: The filing of this motion stays the issuance, execution or return of any garnishment against wages or salary due gmthee nt JuDdebtor (or any other funds belonging to the Judgment Debtor sought to be substituted to the satisfaction or payment of or upon such judgment) duerriiongd t thhea t thp e Judgment Debtor complies with the order of the Cou rt. _______-_______-_______ (________)______________________ ____________________________________________ Social Security N0. Phone N0. Signature of Judgment Debtor Address:____________________________________________________________________________________________________ AFFIDAVIT OF JUDGMENT DEBTOR STATE OF TENNESSEE ) COUNTY OF HAMILTON ) The undersigned Judgment Debtor makes oath that he/she is unable to pay the judgment rendered against him/her in this case with funds other than those earned by himself/herself as wages or salary. Judgment Debtor is now employed by _______________ _______________________________ and said employers address is _____________________________________________________ Judgment Debtor earns the sum of $___________(Che ck one of the following)  Weekly  Biweekly  Monthly ____________________________________________ Signature of Judgment Debto r Sworn to and subscribed before me, this ______ day of ________________, 20_____. ____________________________________________ Notary Public or Deputy Cler k CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I, the undersigned Judgment Debtor, hereby certify that a true and correct copy of this document has been mailed by First Class Mail, postage prepaid, to the Judgment Creditor or said Judgment Creditors attorney,_________________________________, at their last known address of ___________________________________________________________________________________ on this _________ day of _____________________, 20_______. NOTE: You may obtain the address of the Judgment Creditors attorney from the Clerk & Masters Office. __________________________________________________ Judgment Debtor NOTICE OF HEARING (To be completed by Cler k) Pursuant to provisions of law, a hearing is scheduled at ________ oclock ____.M., on the ________ day of _____________,. 20____ __________________________________________________ D eputy Clerk [Form 043, Rev. 2000.12.22]
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