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Exemption From Release Of Bar Examination Results - Texas

Exemption From Release Of Bar Examination Results Form. This is a Texas form and can be used in Board Of Law Examiners Statewide .
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Board of Law Examiners Appointed by the Supreme Court of Texas EXEMPTION FROM RELEASE OF BAR EXAMINATION RESULTS 82.029. Release of Bar Examination Results. (a) On request of a law school that is conducting research on the achievement of the law schools students or graduates on the Texas bar examination, the Board of Law Examiners shall provide the law school with information concerning the results of a bar examination and the achievement of particular applicants on the examination, including examination results disaggregated by section or portion of the examination and any relevant statistics related to the results of the examination. (b) An applicant may request that the board not release the applicants identity to a law school that requests information under Subsection (a). The board shall grant the applicants request if the applicant: 1. sends the request to the board by certified mail or a comparable mailing method that provides proof of delivery; and 2. makes the request before the applicant takes the bar examination. (c) A law school that receives information from the board under Subsection (a) is subject to any restriction on the release of the information under federal or state law. (d) Notwithstanding any other law, information that the board provides to a law school under Subsection (a) is confidential and may not be disclosed under any law related to open records or public information. You may be exempt from releasing your identity, pursuant to Section (b) above, by completing and returning this form to the Board of Law Examiners by certified mail or comparable mailing method that provides proof of delivery. This form is valid only if it is received in the Board of Law Examiners office before you take the Texas Bar Examination. FULL NAME: ____________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS : ____________________________________________________________________ CITY/STATE/ZIP: ____________________________________________________________________ TELEPHONE: _______________________ ALTERNATE TELEPHONE (optional): ________________ E-MAIL (optional): ____________________________________________________________________ Pursuant to Section 82.029 of the Texas Government Code, I hereby request that the Board of Law Examiners not release my identity to any law school under Subsection (a). SIGNATURE: __________________________________________ DATE: __________________________________________ MAILING ADDRESS STREET ADDRESS Post Office Box 13486 TELEPHONE: 512-463-1621 v FACSIMILE: 512-463-5300 v WEBSITE: www.ble.state.tx.us 205 West 14th Street, 5th Floor Austin, Texas 78711-3486 Austin, Texas 78701 exemption form.pdf (9/2003)
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