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Application For Registration Of Assignment Of Trademark Service Mark - Idaho

Application For Registration Of Assignment Of Trademark Service Mark Form. This is a Idaho form and can be used in Trademark Secretary Of State .
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APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION OF ASSIGNMENT OF TRADEMARK-SERVICE MARK STATE OF IDAHO The assignor named herein states that he has heretofore registered in the State of Idaho the trademark-service mark identified below. The assignor further states that he has transferred all rightand interest in the trademark-service mark to the assignee. The assignee states that he has adopted and is now using in the State of Idaho the trademark-service mark identified below. Pursuant to Section 48-507, Idaho Code, the undersigned hereby applies for the assignment registration of its trademark/service mark. 1. Name of assignor:______________________________________________________________ 2. Name of assignee:______________________________________________________________ 3. Business address of assignee:____________________________________________________ 4. If assignee is a partnership, name the general partners:________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. If assignee is a corporation, give state of incorporation:_________________________________ 6. The exact registered trademark-service mark assigned is described in detail as follows:_______ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 7. The registration number and date of the registered trademark-service mark assigned are: No.________________Date_______________________________________________________ 8. Number of class in which above particular goods or services fall:_________________________ 9. Date of assignment:_____________________________________________________________ 10.Person and mailing address if different from above:____________________________________ Phone(____)__________? ________________________________________? _____________________________________ Assignor Assignee Filing Office Use Only Submit Application and $30.00 filing fee to: SECRETARY OF STATE Trademark Division 700 West Jefferson, Room 203 P.O. Box 83720 Boise ID 83720-0080 k:\TMARKS\ASSIGNMT.PM6 TM#OTHER####
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