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Certificate Of Limited Partnership 230 - Idaho

Certificate Of Limited Partnership Form. This is a Idaho form and can be used in Limited Partnership Business Entities Secretary Of State .
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230 CERTIFICATE OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP (Instructions on back of application) 1. The name of the limited partnership is: 2. The name and business address of the registered agent are: 3. The name and business address of each general partner are: Name Address (If more space is needed, continue in item 4.) 4. Other matters (optional): 5. Signature of all general partners: Secretary of State use only Typed Name Typed Name Typed Name Revised 01/2001 Typed Name g:\corp\forms\lpforms\certoflp.p65<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 INSTRUCTIONSOptional: If the document is incorrect where can you be reached for corrections?Note: Complete and submit the application in duplicate. The certificate of limited partnership MUST be filed on the form prescribed by the Secretary of States Office.1. Line 1 - Enter the name of the limited partnership. Pursuant to Idaho Code 53-202, the name of the limited partnership must contain the words limited partnership or the abbreviation L.P. or LP. It is advised that you contact the Secretary of State to check for name availability before filing.2. Line 2 - Enter the name and street address of the registered agent of the limited partnership. A registered agent is the person designated to receive service of process upon litigation. This person must be located in Idaho at a street address. 3. Line 3 - Enter the name and business address of each general partner.4. The certificate of limited partnership form must be signed by all general partners. Please identify the name of the signer by typing his/her name beside the signature.5. Enclose the appropriate fee: a. If the application is typed and there are no attachments, the fee is $100.00. b. If the application is not typed or if it has attached pages, the fee is $120.00. c. If expedited service is requested, add $20.00 to the filing fee. d. If the fees are to be paid from the filing partys pre-paid customer account, conspicuously indicate the customer account number in the cover letter or transmittal document.6. Mail or deliver to: Office of the Secretary of State 700 West Jefferson PO Box 83720 Boise ID 83720-0080 7. If you have questions or need help, call the Secretary of States office at (208) 334-2301.
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