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Special Warranty Deed 6 - Wisconsin

Special Warranty Deed Form. This is a Wisconsin form and can be used in Real Estate Statewide .
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STATE BAR OF WISCONSIN FORM 6 2000 SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED Document Number This Deed, made between ___________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Grantor, and _______________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Grantee. Grantor, for a valuable consideration, conveys to Grantee the following described real estate in _______________________ County, State of Wisconsin (if more space is needed, please attach addendum): Recording Area Name and Return Address Together with all appurtenant rights, title and interests. Grantor warrants that the title to the Property is good, indefeasible in fee __________________________________________ simple and free and clear of encumbrances, arising by, through or under Grantor, Parcel Identification Number (PIN) except This ____________homestead property. (is) (is not) Dated this _________________day of ______________________, __________. _______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ *______________________________________________________ *_____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ *______________________________________________________ *_____________________________________________________ AUTHENTICATION ACKNOWLEDGMENT Signature(s) _____________________________________________ STATE OF WISCONSIN ) _______________________________________________________ ) ss. authenticated this _______ day of ______________, ____________ ________________County ) Personally came before me this _______________ day of _______________________________________________________ _____________________, _____________ the above named *______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ TITLE: MEMBER STATE BAR OF WISCONSIN ______________________________________________________ (If not, __________________________________________ to me known to be the person ____ who executed the foregoing authorized by 706.06, Wis. Stats.) instrument and acknowledged the same. THIS INSTRUMENT WAS DRAFTED BY ______________________________________________________ *_____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Notary Public, State of Wisconsin _______________________________________________________ My Commission is permanent. (If not, state expiration date: (Signatures may be authenticated or acknowledged. Both are not necessary.) __________________________________________,__________.)*Names of persons signing in any capacity must be typed or printed below their signature. SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED STATE BAR OF WISCONSIN FORM No. 6 - 2000
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