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Motion For Rehearing Before District Judge Pro Tem - Kansas

Motion For Rehearing Before District Judge Pro Tem Form. This is a Kansas form and can be used in Trustee - Pro-Se 7th Judicial District (Douglas County) Local District Court .
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DISTRICT COURT TRUSTEE SEVENTH JUDICIAL DIST RICT JUDICIAL CENTER, 111 E. 11TH LAWRENCE, KANSAS 66044-2966 785-832-5315 Fax: 785-838-2408 Pro Se Motion for Rehearing Before the Judge Pro Tem 1. Fill out completely using typewriter or printed in black ink: a) Motion (with specific reasons) b) Certificate o f mailin g 2. File the original and 5 copies of the Motion with the Certificate of Ma iling section completed at the Clerk of the District Court. Write District Judge Pro Tem on the top of one of your copies. 3. T he Clerk of the District Court will file stamp all copiesand k eep the original and copy marked District Judge Pro Tem. You must serve a file-stamped copy of your Motion by certified mail on your ex- spouse and his/her attorney of record and send/bring a copy to: District Court Trustee Office Social & Rehabilitation Serv ices Judicial Center 1901 Delaware 111 East 11th Street OR Law rence, KS 66046 Law rence, KS 66044 (If you have a case open (If you have a case open with the SRS office) with the Court Trustee) For Certified Mail Service: You must now serve a file-stamped copy of the Motion on the Petitioner/Respondent and their attorney of record by Certified Mail (Return Receipt Requested). After Service of Certified Mail (after the green card is returned to you): You must now fill o ut the form entitled, Return o f Service for Certifie d Mail. Fill o ut the formand f ile it with the Clerk of the District Court. 4. T he District Judge Pro Tem w ill review your motionand gr ant or deny the motion for rehearing. If granted: You will b e given a rehearing date and time, and notice w ill b e sent to you and your ex- spouse and his/her attorney of record by the Judge Pro Tems office. If denied: Written notice will b e sent to you and your ex-spouse and his/her attorney of record by the Judge Pro Tems office. If you wish to appeal this decision, you may request by written motion a hearing before the Judge of original assignment. Rule 18 - Rules of Court - read as follows: (The Hearing Officer referenced below is currently equivalent to theJudge Pro Tem) [1] ALL ORDERS OF THE HEARING OFFICER SHALL BE DEEMED APPROVED BY A JUDGE OF DISTRICT COURT ANDSHALL BECOME A FINAL JUDGMENT OF THE DISTRICT COURT UNL ESS: (I) WITHIN TEN (10) DAY S FROM THE DATE OF THEFILING OF THE ORDER WITH THE CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT EITHER PARTY FILES A WRITTEN MOTION FOR A DE NOVO HEARING BEFORE THE JUDGE OF ORIGINAL ASSIGNMENT. NOTICE OF A REQUEST FOR A DE NOVO HEARING SHALLBE SERVED UPON THE PARTIES OR THEIR COUNSEL AND THE TRUSTEE; OR (ii) WITHIN TEN (10) DAY S AFTER THE FILINGOF THE ORDER EITHER PARTY FILES A WRITTEN MOTION FOR A REHEARING BEFORE THE HEARING OFFICER IN LIEU OF AHEARING DE NOVO. A MOTION FOR REHEARING SHALL BE SUMMARILY GRANTED OR DENIED, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, BY THE HEARING OFFICER WITHIN TEN (10) DAYS OF THE FILING OF SAID MOTION. UPON THE FILING OF A JUDGMENT FORMDENYING REHEARING, THE MOVING PARTY SHALL HAVE AN ADDITIONAL TEN (10) DAY S TO REQUEST A DE NOVO HEARINGBEFORE THE JUDGE OF ORIGINAL ASSIGNMENT. [2] IF NO REQUEST IS MADE WITHIN THE TIME ALLOWED FOR A DE NOVOHEARING OR REHEARING, THE HEARING OFFICERS ORDER SHALL BE FINAL. [3] A PERSON WHO IS COMMITTED TO CUSTODY BY THE HEARING OFFICER FOR EXECUTION OF SENTENCE FOR CONTEMPT SHALL BE ENTITLED TO HAVE THE SENTENCE REVIEWED WITHIN FORTY -EIGHT (48) HOURS, EXCLUDING WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAY S, BY THE DISTRICT JUDGEOF ORIGINAL ASSIGNMENT. THE DISTRICT JUDGE MAY, UPON SUCH REVIEW, AFFIRM, MODIFY , VACATE OR STAY THESENTENCE. IF A MOTION FOR REHEARING OR FOR DE NOVO HEARING FROM THE JUDGMENT OF THE HEARING OFFICER FINDING THE PERSON GUILTY OF CONTEMPT IS TIMELY FILED, THEN THE DISTRICT JUDGE SHALL STAY FURTHER EXECUTION OF SENTENCE PENDING THE ENTRY OF FINAL JUDGMENT. <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF ) ) ,) Petitioner, ) and ) Case No. DG ) Division 3 ,) Respondent. ) MOTION FOR REHEARING BEFORE THE DISTRICT JUDGE PRO TEM COMES NOW the (Petitioner/Respondent) and moves the Court to rehear the motion previously heard on , 20 , for the followingsp ecific reasons : WHEREFORE, the (Petitioner/Respondent) moves the Court to grant a rehearing for the above-specified reasons. CERTIFICATE OF MAILING A file-stamped copy of this Motion is sent by CERTIFIED MAIL/RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED to the (Petitioner/Respondent) and their attorney of record at the following addresses: and copies have been provided to the District Judge Pro Tem and the Office of the Court Trustee. Your Name Pro se Home address Phone No.
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