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Motion For Modification Of Child Support - Kansas

Motion For Modification Of Child Support Form. This is a Kansas form and can be used in Trustee - Pro-Se 7th Judicial District (Douglas County) Local District Court .
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DISTRICT COURT TRUSTEE SEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT JUDICIAL CENTER, 111 E. 11TH LAWRENCE, KANSAS 66044-2966 785-832-5315 Fax: 785-838-2408 Pro Se Motion for Modification of Child Support 1. Make a copy of the blank Domestic Relations Affidavit. 2. Fill out completely using typewriter or printed in black ink: a) Motion b) Notice of hearing (contact the District Judge Pro Tem Division Clerk, 841-7700, x5144, for hearing date and time) c) Certificate o f mailin g d) Domestic Relations Affidavit e) Copies of your most recent paycheck stub which includes year-to-date totals and a copy of last years income tax return f) Child support worksheet Note: Further explanations may be found on the next page. 3. File the original and 5 copies of the Motion with the notice of hearing and certificate of ma ilin g sections completed, b) completed domestic relations affidavit, c) proof of income attachments, and d) child support worksheet to the Clerk of the District Court. Write District Judge Pro Tem on the top of one of your copies. Pursuant to K.S.A. 60-1621, a $26 f iling fee must be paid when filing your motion. 4. The Clerk of the District Court will file stamp all copies, keep the originals and the District Judge Pro Tem copy, and give you back the additional copies. You w ill need to send/bring a copy to: District Court Trustee Office Social & Rehabilitation Serv ices Judicial Center 1901 Delaw are 111 East 11th Street OR Lawrence, KS 66046 Lawrence, KS 66044 (If you have a case open (If you have a case open with the SRS office) with the Court Trustee) For Certified Mail Service: You must now serve a file-stamped copy of the motion, notice of hearing, domestic relations affidavit, proof of income attachments, child support worksheet AND a BLANK Domestic Relations Affidavit on the petitioner/respondent and his/her attorney of record by Certified Mail (Return Receipt Requested). After Service of Certified Mail (after the green card is returned to you): You must now fill out the form entitled, Return of Service for Certified Mail. Fill o ut the formand f ile it with the Clerk of the District Court. 5. IT IS UP TO YOU to get the correct papers filed and proper service completed in order for your case to go forward on its assigned hearing date and time. PLEASE REMEMBER!! A copy of all paperwork that you have filed with the Clerk of the District Court needs to be given to the Court Trustee Office or SRS at the address indicated above if you currently have an open enforcement case with them. <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 Child Support Modification Procedure The following information is provided to assist you in obtaining a modification of your childsupport. The office of the Court Trustee does not represent any party to this case. The Court T rusteeoperates independently to ensure that the child support orders are enforced and to see that the ChildSupport Guidelines are followed. The Kansas Child Support Guidelines are the rules which must befollowed in setting the amount of child support to be paid. There are specific rules which must befollowed under these guidelines. The following information is designed to assist you in following theseguidelines. If you can afford to hire an attorney to represent you in modifying your support obligation, youshould seriously consider retaining an attorney to represent you. The following documents must be filed with the court when seeking a child support modification: 1. Motion to Modify Support. For your convenience, a standard motion is included with this information which you may complete. Please note that you must mail a copy of your motion to the parties involved in your case -- specifically, the District Court Trustee or SRS if you have an open case with either agency, the person to whom you pay support, and his/her attorney if she/he has an attorney. The original motion must be filed in District Court. A hearing cannot be held until your motion has been filed in District Court. Promptness is very important, as your child support cannot be modified until a formal motion has been filed. The Court cannot reduce/increase child support which has already become due prior to the filing of your motion. 2. Domestic Relations Affidavit . The Kansas Child Support Guidelines require this form be completed and filed with your motion. Failure to include this form with your motion could result in your motion being dismissed. The Domestic Relations Affidav it must be signed in the presence of a notary public . You must complete all information in the affidavit as it pertains to you. In other words, if you are the Respondent in this case, you must complete all information in the affidavit in the sections for Respondent. A Domestic Relations Affidavit is attached. This affidavit complies with the Kansas Child Support Guidelines. 3. Child Support Worksheet . Another document which must be included with your motion is the worksheet. This form shows the amount to which your child support should be modified. A worksheet which complies with the Kansas Child Support Guidelines is attached. In order to complete the worksheet, your present earni ngs information and the earnings of the other party must be provided. Proof of earnings may include copies of your pay stubs, unemployment, retirement, social security, and workers compensation benefits, and income tax returns. You may review a copy of the Kansas Child Support Guidelines to assist you in preparing your child support worksheet at the office of the Court Trustee. The Court Trustee, however, cannot help you complete your worksheet. If you provide health insurance for the child(ren) in this matter, you should also provide proof of the insurance costs. Failure to complete the forms and present them to the Court may prevent you from obtaining ahearing before the District Judge Pro Tem. All documents must be completed and filed with the Courtbefore a hearing can be scheduled. <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of ) ) ,) Petitioner, ) Case No. DG vs. ) Division 3 ) ,) Respondent. ) MOTION FOR MODIFICATION OF CHILD SUPPORT COMES NOW the (Petitioner/Respondent) and moves the Court to modify the current Order of Support for the following reasons: I have attached a completed copy of my Domestic Relations Affidavit, along with a copy of the most recent paycheck stub with year-to-date totals, a copy of last years income tax return, and a completed Child Support Worksheet. W
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