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Financing Statement - UCC-1 Form. This is a South Dakota form and can be used in Uniform Commercial Code Secretary Of State .
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STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA FINANCING STATEMENT UCC 1 Fee $_________________ APPROVED STANDARD FORM Secretary of State Account # _____________ 500 E. Capitol Pi erre, SD 57501-5070  605-773-4422 PLEASE TYPE THE INFORMATION ON THIS FORM ACCORDING TO ALL INSTRUCTIONS PRINTED ON THE BACK OF THE UCC 1 FORM NOTE: Type smaller than 8 point is not acceptable. This is an example of 8 point type. 1. SECURED PARTY NAME AND ADDREinsSS ert only one secured party name (1a or 1b) 1a. ORGANIZATIONS NAME or 1b. INDIVIDUALS LAST NAME FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME SUFFIX1c. MAILING ADDRESS CITY STATE POSTAL CODE COUNTRY2. ASSIGNEE OF SECURED PARTY NAME AND ADDREinsSS ert only one assignee name (2a or 2b) 2a. ORGANIZATIONS NAME or 2b. INDIVIDUALS LAST NAME FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME SUFFIX2c. MAILING ADDRESS CITY STATE POSTAL CODE COUNTRY3. DEBTORS EXACT FULL LEGAL NA iMEnsert only one debtor (3a or 3b) do not abbreviate or combine names. 3a. ORGANIZATIONS NAME or 3b. INDIVIDUALS LAST NAME FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME SUFFIX3c. MAILING ADDRESS CITY STATE POSTAL CODE COUNTRY3d. TAX ID # SSN OR EINADDS INFO RE3e. TYPE OF ORGANIAZTION 3f. JURISDICTION OF ORGANIZAOTNI 3G. ORGANIZATIONAL ID a#n,yi f ORGANIZATION DEBTOR  NONE4. ADDITIONAL DEBTORS EXACT FULL LEGAL N iAMnsEert only one debtor name (4a or 4b) do not abbreviate or combine names. 4a. ORGANIZATIONS NAME or 4b. INDIVIDUALS LAST NAME FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME SUFFIX4c. MAILING ADDRESS CITY STATE POSTAL CODE COUNTRY4d. TAX ID # SSN OR EINADDS INFO RE4e. TYPE OF ORGANIAZTION 4f. JURISDICTION OF ORGANIZAOTNI 4G. ORGANIZATIONAL ID a#n,yi f ORGANIZATION DEBTOR  NONE5. This Financing Statement covers the following types (or items) of property: If collateral is crops, the crops described below are growing if coor arllae ttero bal is ge grooowdsn won,hich OR are or are to become fixt, turhese below goods are affixed or to be affixed to: Check (X) if covered P: ROCEEDS of collateral are also covered. PR ODUCTS of collateral are also covered. Use the following spaces only for Farm Products requiring EFFECTIVE FINANCING STATEMENT (EFS) COUNTY LOCATION IN COUNTY OR FARM PRODUCT CODE YEAR QUANTITY CODE FURTHER DESCRIPTION Pay proceeds to Debtor and Secured Party unless otherwise chec Sekcued:red Party only  Debtor only Check only if applicable and check only one box De. btor is a TRANSMITTING UTILITY Filed in connection with a Manufactured Home Transaction effective 30 years.  Fi led i n c onj unction with a Public-Finance Transaction effective 30 years Signature(s) of Debtor(s) Signature of Secured Party Check to REQUEST SEARCH REPORT(S) on Debt o r(s) All Debtors  Debtor 1  Debtor 2Number of Additional Sheets, if any: UCC 1 FORM Revised 7/01/01<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 UCC 1 - INSTRUCTIONS 1. PLEASE TYPE THIS FORM. Verify all information on the form for accuracy andDebtor name: Enter only one Debtor name in 3, an organizatitem ions name (3a) or an individuals name (3b). Enter Debtexactors fu ll legal name. Dont abbreviate. correct spelling. Information will be entered on the computer and any error in the debtors name, social securitber,y num taxpayer ID number, organizationOrganization Debtor. Organizaton means an entiity having a legal identitseparaty e from information, or the EFS codes entered incorrectly will result in reporting errors. its owner. A partnership is an organizata sole proprietion; orship is not an organization, 2. SDCL 57A-9-02 requires the social securityber f numor each individual debtor, theeven if it does business under a trade name. If Debtor is a partnership, enter exact full legal name of partnership; you need not enter names ofners as addit partional Debtors. If debtors internal revenue service (Iemployer identRS) ifion number oicatf each business, corporation, tradename, d/b/a etc., to be listed. Debtor is a registered organization (e.poration,g., cor limited partnership, limited liability company), it is advisable to examine Debt currentors filed chartr documentes to determine 3. An additional fee will be charged tstandard fo all orms containing an attachment.Debtors correct name, organizattype,ion and jurisdiction of organization. Individual Debtor. Individual means a natural person; thcludes a sole proprietis inorship, 4. Submit the completed and properly signed statement to the Central Filing Systemwhether or not operating under a trade name. Dont use prefixes (Mr., Mrs., Ms.). Use together with the proper filing fee*. You must file in the state of formation of an entity, not the state of the location of the asset. At the time of filing, the filingsuffix box only for titles of lineage (Jr. and not f, Sr., III) or other suffixes or titles (e.g., M.D.). Use married womans personal name (Mary Smith, not Mrs. John Smith). Enter officer will return the original copy of the financing statement as anindividual Debtors family name (surname) in Last Name box, first given name in First acknowledgement which can be used for a termination. Name box, and all additional given names in Middle Name box. For both organization and individual Debtors: Dont use Debtors trade name, DBA, AKA, FKA, Division name, etc. in place ofmbined wit or coh Debtors legal name; you may add * FILING FEES: (UCC 1) such other names as additional Debtou wish (but tors if yhis neitis her required nor Financing Statement $20 Financing Statement with Assignment $20 recommended). Acknowledgement Termination NO FEE Additional information re organization Debtr is always required.o Type of organization and jurisdiction of organization as well as Debtors exact legal name can be determined from Debtors current filed charter documentOrganizat. ional ID #, if any, is assigned by the Add $2 for each additional Debtor name. agency where the charter document was filed;is diff therentis from tax ID #; this should be $4 additional for each standard form with an attachment. entered preceded by the 2-character U.S. ident Postalification of state of organization if PLEASE NOTE: Agencies may set up an account with the Secretary of Staone ofte the United States (e.g., CA12345, for a California corporation whose organizational ID # is 12345); if agency does not assign organizational ID #, check box in item 3g to pre-pay filing fees. For information please contact the UCC Division of the Office of the Secretary of State at (605) 773-5006. indicating none. Please use the following code numbers to complFARM PRODUCTS ete the section of the form(If y our product is not listed, please contact
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