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Notary Public Application Oath And Bond - South Dakota

Notary Public Application Oath And Bond Form. This is a South Dakota form and can be used in Notary Secretary Of State .
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State of South Dakota Notary Public Application, Oath & Bond Filing Fee: $25.00 MAKE IMPRINT OF SEAL HERE Su bmit to: Secretary of State, 500 East Capitol Ave, Pierre, SD 57501 Type or print neatly - please read instructions. TO THE SECRETARY OF STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA: I hereby respectfully apply to be commissioned as a Notary Public for the State of South Dakota. NAME (enter your name exactly as found on your seal imprint) ADDRESS CITY STATZIPE COUNTY Have you ever been a SD Notary Public? ______Yes ______No If yes, when did/does your commission expire? Date of Birth Have you ever been convicted of a felony? STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA OATH COUNTY OF I, ________________________________________, being first duly sworn, depose and state that I am of legal age and a citizheen U ofn tited States.I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of South Da and thaakott I willfaithfully and impartially perform the duties of a NOTARY PUBLIC within and for the State of South Dakota according to tahnd to thee law best ofmy ability, so help me God. Dated (Applicants Signature) BOND (If a Personal Surety is being used, omit the following and complete the Personal Surety form on the backside) We, , as princi pal, a nd are (name of notary applicant) (name of surety company) bound to the State of South Dakota in the penal sum of $5000.00 for payment of which we bind ourselveccessos, ourrs, su or representatives,executors, and administrators jointly and severally hereby. This obligation is conditioned upon appointment and commai Notassion ary Ps ublic ofthe above-named Principal by the Secretary of State and covers the official term of six (6) years from the date of appointm If thee Pnt.rincipalperforms well and faithfully all of the duties of the office of Notary Public according to the laws of South Dakota, thboven te oblighe a ation is to benull and void, otherwise, it is to remain in effect. Approved by the South Dakota Attorney General. Dated this day of (Applicants Signature) (Suretys Signature) File Date: Countersigned by: Commission date: eceipt Number: R A South Dakota Resident Agent <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2Personal Surety Form Know all by these presents: That we, (Notary applicants name),of the County of and the State of South Dakota, as principal, and (Personal Suretys name), County of , (Address),State of South Dakota, as surety, are individually held firmly bound unto the State of South Dakota in the penalsum of five thousand dollars, for the payment of which we hereby jointly and severally bind ourselves, our heirs,executors, administrators and successors. Further, each of us deposes and says individually that we are worth$5000, the amount of the bond, over and above our debts and liabilities, in unencumbered property, exclusive ofproperty exempt from execution and forced sale under the laws of this state. The conditions of this obligation are such that, if the above principal, , whohas or will be appointed Notary Public in the State of South Dakota, shall faithfully execute the duties of theoffice according to law, then this obligation shall be null and void, otherwise to remain in full force and effect.Dated this day of Applicants SignatureSubscribed and sworn to before me this day of (SEAL) Notary Public My commission expires: Dated this day of Personal Suretys SignatureSubscribed and sworn to before me this day of (SEAL) Notary Public My commission expires: A personal surety is liable for the bond for the six-year commission of the notary.A personal surety cannot have the personal suretys name removed from the bond for anyreason.
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