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Demand For Bill Of Particulars 10 C - Delaware

Demand For Bill Of Particulars Form. This is a Delaware form and can be used in Justice Of The Peace Court Statewide .
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IN THE JUSTICE OF THE PEACE COURT OF THE STATE OF DELAWARE, IN AND FOR _________ COUNTY COURT NO. _____ COURT ADDRESS: ________________________________ CIVIL ACTION NO. ____________ ________________________________ PLAINTIFF(S): VS. DEFENDANT(S ): ____________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________ _____________________________ DEMAND FOR BILL OF PARTICULARS The Defendant, ________________________________, does hereby demand a Bi ll of Particulars from the Plaintiff, ____________________________, in accorda nce with Rule 26 of the Justice of the Peace Court Civil Rules. Defendant does hereby certify t hat his or her mailing address for purpose of receiving the Bill of Particulars is: ______________________________. ________________________________ Signature of Defendant or Attorney NOTICE TO PLAINTIFF : You must file the notarized Bill of Particulars with the Justice of the Peace Court named above and with Defendant or Defendants attorney within 15 days from the date J.P . Civ. Form No. 10A, Notice of Demand for Bill of Particulars, was mailed to you by the Court (counting the date on which J.P. Civ. Form No. 10A was mailed as the fi rst day). The original Bill of Particulars must be filed with this Court with an explanation of how the copy was provided to Defendant or Defendants attorney. J.P. Civ. Form No. 10C (Rev. 6/15/00) American LegalNet, Inc.
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