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Statement Of Information Domestic Nonprofit Corporation SI-100 - California

Statement Of Information Domestic Nonprofit Corporation Form. This is a California form and can be used in Domestic Corporations Corporations Secretary Of State .
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Secretary of State Business Programs Division Statement of Information, P.O. Box 944230, Sacramento, CA 94244-2300 Free Electronic Copy for Statements of Information Filed Online Effective October 14, 2013 The Secretary of State's office is excited to announce that Monday, October 14th, 2013, corporations who use our online E-file service for submitting the required Statement of Information will be able to request a FREE PDF copy of the filed statement at the time of submission. ement By simply providing an email address as part of the submission process, an image of the filed statement in PDF format is emailed automatically once the statement is successfully processed. The email address provided for purposes of receiving a free filed copy is not public information, and is deleted from our system once the image of the filed statement is sent. The required Statement of Information for most corporations can be filed online and is processed generally in one business day. A free PDF copy of the submitted Statement of Information will be returned electronically following confirmation of payment, if an email address is provided. Additional plain copies and certified copies may be requested at a later time in person or by mail. Refer to Information Requests for information about obtaining additional copies. Online Copies: Annual/Biennial Statements of Information (Rev. 10/31/2013) (916) 657-5448 American LegalNet, Inc. Instructions For Completing Form SI-100 For faster processing, the required statement for most corporations can be filed online at Every domestic nonprofit, credit union and general cooperative corporation must file a Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State, within 90 days after the filing of the initial Articles of Incorporation, and thereafter during the applicable filing period. The applicable filing period for a corporation is the calendar month during which the initial Articles of Incorporation were filed and the immediately preceding five calendar months. A corporation is required to file this statement even though it may not be actively engaged in business at the time this statement is due. Changes to information contained in a previously filed statement can be made by filing a new form, completed in its entirety. Credit unions and general cooperative corporations are required to file every year. Domestic nonprofit corporations are required to file every two years. Legal Authority: Statutory filing provisions are found in California Corporations Code sections 6210, 8210, 9660, or 12570 and California Financial Code section 14101.6, unless otherwise indicated. All subsequent statutory references are to the California Corporations Code, unless otherwise stated. Failure to file this Statement of Information by the due date may result in the assessment of a $50.00 penalty. (Sections 6810, 8810, 9690, or 12670; California Revenue and Taxation Code section 19141.) Fees: The fee for filing the Statement of Information is $20.00. Checks should be made payable to the Secretary of State. If this statement is being filed to amend any information on a previously filed statement and is being filed outside the applicable filing period, as defined above, no fee is required. Copies: To get a copy of the filed statement, include a separate request and payment for copy fees when the statement is submitted. Copy fees are $1.00 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page. For certified copies, there is an additional $5.00 certification fee, per copy. Common Interest Development Association: Every domestic nonprofit corporation formed to manage a common interest development under the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act (for example, a homeowners' association) or the Commercial and Industrial Common Interest Development Act also must file a Statement By Common Interest Development Association (Form SI-CID) together with the Statement of Information (California Civil Code sections 5405 and 6760). Both forms are available on the Secretary of State's website at Complete the Statement of Information (Form SI-100) as follows: Item 1. Item 2. Item 3. Enter the name of the corporation exactly as it is of record with the California Secretary of State. Enter the corporation number issued by the California Secretary of State. Enter the complete street address, city and zip code of the corporation's principal office in California, if any. Please do not enter a P.O. Box or abbreviate the name of the city. Note: a credit union must enter the street address of the corporation's principal office, if any, whether the office is located in or outside of California. Enter the mailing address of the corporation, if different from the street address of the principal office in California or if the corporation has no principal office in California. Enter the name and complete business or residential address of the corporation's chief executive officer (i.e., president), secretary and chief financial officer (i.e., treasurer). Please do not abbreviate the name of the city. The corporation must list these three officers. Any number of offices may be held by the same person unless the articles or bylaws provide otherwise, except, in the case of a nonprofit public benefit or religious corporation, neither the secretary nor the chief financial officer or treasurer may serve concurrently as the president or chair of the board (Sections 5213 or 9213). Please note, unless the articles or bylaws provide otherwise, the president, or if there is no president, the chair of the board, is the chief executive officer of the corporation. Additionally, unless otherwise specified in the articles or the bylaws, if there is no chief financial officer, the treasurer is the chief financial officer of the corporation. A comparable title for the specific officer may be added; however, the preprinted titles on this form must not be altered, except in the case of a general cooperative corporation, which may include the name and address of its general manager in lieu of the name and address of its chief executive officer. (Section 12570(a).) Enter the name of the agent for service of process in California. An agent is an individual (director, officer or any other person) who resides in California or another corporation designated to accept service of process if th
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