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Notification Concerning Failure To Forward Record Copy And Search Copy PCT-RO-147 - Official Federal Forms

Notification Concerning Failure To Forward Record Copy And Search Copy Form. This is a national form and can be used in Receiving Office PCT US Patent Office .
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PATENT COOPERATION TREATY From the RECEIVING OFFICE To: PCT NOTIFICATION CONCERNING FAILURE TO FORWARD RECORD COPY AND SEARCH COPY FOR NATIONAL SECURITY REASONS (Rules 15.6(iii), 16.2(iii) and 22.1(a) and PCT Administrative Instructions, Section 330) Date of mailing (day/month/year) Applicants or agents file reference IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION International application No. International filing date (day/month/year) Applicant 1. This receiving Office hereby declares that, due to reasons of national security, this application is and will not be treated as an international application. 2. Consequently, the record copy of the international application will not be transmitted to the International Bureau and the search copy will not be transmitted to the International Searching Authority; any payments made by the applicant in respect of the international fee and search fee will be refunded in due course. 3. A copy of this notification is being sent to the International Bureau. Name and mailing address of the receiving Office Authorized officer Facsimile No. Telephone No. Form PCT/RO/147 (July 1998; reprint January 2004)
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