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Communication Regarding Extension Of Time Limit PCT-IPEA-427 - Official Federal Forms

Communication Regarding Extension Of Time Limit Form. This is a national form and can be used in International Preliminary Examining Authority PCT US Patent Office .
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PATENT COOPERATION TREATY From the INTERNATIONAL PRELIMINARY EXAMINING AUTHORITY To: PCT COMMUNICATION REGARDING EXTENSION OF TIME LIMIT (PCT Rules 60.1(a) and 66.2(d)) Date of mailing (day/month/year) Applicants or agents file reference IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION International application No. International filing date (day/month/year) Applicant 1. In response to the applicants request of____________________________________ , the time limit for replying to: the ________________written opinion (other) ___________________________________________________________________ has been extended as follows: extension of _______ months/days from_______________________________ extension until__________________________________________ 2. No extension of the time limit is granted and the time limit remains as previously set. Name and mailing address of the IPEA/ Authorized officer Facsimile No. Telephone No. Form PCT/IPEA/427 (July 1992; reprint January 2004)
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