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Subscription Agreement For Purchase Of Bulk Data - Georgia

Subscription Agreement For Purchase Of Bulk Data Form. This is a Georgia form and can be used in Uniform Commercial Code Secretary Of State .
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UCC Central Index System - Bulk Data Price List for Download/Transfer Download/Transfer Price Average # of Documents Daily $200.00 per day 1,200 daily Weekly $750.00 per week 6,454 weekly Biweekly $1,100.00 per two weeks 12,900 biweekly Monthly $1,250.00 per month 25,800 monthly If you are interested in purchasing the Authorit ys database from 1/1/95 to present, we can include that information in your first transfer for an additional fee of $15,000. For information on subscribing, contact ... Mike Smith, Directormm, GSCCCA Counications -- (404) 327-9058 For information on technical matters (file transfer, data download options or requirements, etc.), contact ... Authority Customer Support -- (800) 304-5174 To subscribe ... complete the information below and return with your check for the first months payment to: Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Author ity, Attn: Mike Smith, at the address below. Upon receipt of your signed agreement and check, we will immediately process your database request. The Authority will continue to bill you on a monthly basis. Subscription Agreement for Purchase of Bulk Data Company Name____________________________________________________________________________ Contact Person____________________________________________________________________________ Billing Address___________________________________________________________________________ City_____________________________________State_______________Zip____________________ Phone _________________________________ Fax _______________________________________ _____ Yes, I want to purchase the Authoritys UCC index database on a daily/ weekly/ biweekly/ monthly (circle one) basis at a cost of $__________ per month. My check for the first month is enclosed and I understand that I will be billed on a monthly basis for my subscription. _____ Yes, I want to purchase the Authoritys UCC index database from 1/1/95 to present at a cost of $15,000 and my check reflects this. <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 Signature_____________________________________ Date ____________________________ Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority 1875 Century Boulevard. Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30345
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