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Resolution Of Foreign Limited Liability Company Adopting A Fictitious Name L-18 - North Carolina

Resolution Of Foreign Limited Liability Company Adopting A Fictitious Name Form. This is a North Carolina form and can be used in Limited Liability Company Secretary Of State .
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RESOLUTION OF FOREIGN LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY ADOPTING A FICTITIOUS NAME I, ____________________________________________, certify that I am a manager of ____________________________________________________, a limited liability company organized under the laws of the state of _________________________________, and that the following is a true and correct copy of a resolution duly adopted by the manager(s) ofthe limited liability company on the ____ day of ____________________, 20____. ___________________________________ (signature) MANAGERRESOLVED , that the limited liability company adopts the name _________________________ _____________________________________________, under which it shall operate in North Carolina because its limited liability company name is not available for use in North Carolina,that ____________________________ is authorized to certify a copy of this resolution and is (Managers Name) directed to deliver the copy of the resolution to the Secretary of State of North Carolina for filing.October 1999 (Form L-18)CORPORATIONS DIVISION P. O. BOX 29622 RALEIGH, NC 27603-5909
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