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Motion And Order For Continuance CV-221 - North Carolina

Motion And Order For Continuance Form. This is a North Carolina form and can be used in Civil Statewide .
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File No. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA In The General Court Of Justice County Superior Court Division Name Of Plaintiff(s) MOTION AND ORDER FOR CONTINUANCE VERSUS Name Of Defendant(s) (CIVIL SUPERIOR CASES) INSTRUCTIONS: MOVING PARTY must complete all information requested below. Copy of completed form must be faxed, mailed or hand delivered to opposing counsel or unrepresented party(ies) prior to deliver to Senior Resident Superior Court Judge or his/her designee. Upon receipt, OPPOSING PARTY must immediately communicate any objections to Senior Resident Superior Court Judge or his/her Previous No. Of Continuances Date Case Filed Calendared Trial Date Opposing Counsel Copy(ies) Distributed To Opposing Counsel(s)/Party(ies) ByDate U.S. Mail Facsimile Hand Delivery Atty Box Reason(s) For Continuance Request (attach additional sheet if necessary) Requested Reschedule Date Or Carryover Date Name And Address Of Movant Has Client(s) Been Notified Of Continuance Request? (not applicable if pro se) Telephone No. Yes No Date Signature Of Movant TO BE COMPLETED BY JUDICIAL SUPPORT STAFF Date Motion Received Objection(s) received? Less Than 12 Months 12 to 18 Months Case Age: (attach written objections) Yes No More Than 18 Months Total No. Of Cases On Trial Calendar Current Ranking Of This Case On Trial Calendar Date Case Set On This Trial Calendar Attorney input into trial setting? Yes No Date Rescheduled Counsel Notified Of Ruling By Date Ruling: Denied Granted Date Name Of Senior Resident Superior Court Judge/Designee (Type Or Print)Signature Of Senior Resident Superior Court Judge/Designee AOC-CV-221, New 4/98 1998 Administrative Office of the Courts Original - Case File
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