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Stipulation For Binding Arbitration 3 - Nevada

Stipulation For Binding Arbitration Form. This is a Nevada form and can be used in Arbitration District Court Clark County .
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STIP Attorneys Name Attorneys Bar Number Attorneys Firm Name Attorneys Address Attorneys Phone Number Party Attorney Represents DISTRICT COURT CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA ) ) ) P laintiff, ) ) v. ) CASE NO. A ) DEPT NO. ) D efendants. ) __________________________________________) STIPULATION FOR BINDING ARBITRATION IT IS HERBY STIPULATED between and above named, by and through their respective counsel of record, that the arbitration in the above entitled case be bi ondnin tghe parties, pursuant to 3(D) of the Nevada Arbitration Rules. Rules governing trial de novo will not apply to this case. The parties are aware, however, that any party may move the Court to confirm, vacate or modify the decision of the arbitrator in the manner authorized by N.R.S. 38.135, 38.145 and 38.155. DATED THIS day of , 2005. __________________________ __________________________ ATTORNEY ATTORNEY BAR NUMBER BAR NUMBER A DDRESS A DDRESS P ARTY P ARTY NOTE: ORIGINAL STIPULATION TO BE FILED WITH THE COUNTY CLERK AND A COPY TO BE SERVED ON THE ADR OFFICE. ARB FORM 3 (1of 1) American LegalNet, Inc.
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