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Joint Request For Exemption From Arbitration 9 - Nevada

Joint Request For Exemption From Arbitration Form. This is a Nevada form and can be used in Arbitration District Court Clark County .
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REQT Attorneys Name Attorneys Bar Number Attorneys Firm Name Attorneys Address Attorneys Phone Number Party Attorney Represents DISTRICT COURT CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA ) ) ) P laintiff, ) ) v. ) CASE NO. A ) DEPT NO. ) D efendants. ) __________________________________________) ARB ITRATION JOINT REQUEST FOR EXEMPTION FROM ARBITRATION Joint counsel (plaintiff and defendant) hereby request the above entitled matter be exempted from arbitration pursuant to Nevada Arbitration Rules 3 and 5, as this case: 1. presents a significant issue of public policy; 2. involves an amount in issue in excess of $40,000 per Plaintiff, exclusive of interest and costs; 3. presents unusual circumstances which constitute good cause for removal from the program. A specific summary of the facts which supports our contention for exemption is as should include nature of case; amount of damages sought; if personal injury case, include injuries sustained and total amount of medicals to date; may attach copies of key medical records (do not attach all the medical records); if causation a problem, include f o l l o w s : [ s h oul d i n cl u de n a tu r e of c a s e ; am oun t of dam a g e s s ou g h t; i f p e r s on al i nj u r y . ARB FORM 9 (1 of 2) American LegalNet, Inc. <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 CASE NAME/CASE # We hereby certify pursuant to N.R.C.P. 11 this case to be within the exemption(s) marked above and are aware of the sanctions which may be imposed against any attorney or party who without good cause or justification attempts to remove a case from the arbitration program. DATED this day of , 2005. __________________________ __________________________ ATTORNEY ATTORNEY BAR NUMBER BAR NUMBER A DDRESS A DDRESS P ARTY P ARTY NOTE: JOINT REQUEST FOR EXEMPTION TO BE FILED WITH THE ADR OFFICE. ARB FORM 9 (2 of 2) American LegalNet, Inc.
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