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Application For Registration For Foreign Limited Liability Partnership - Nevada

Application For Registration For Foreign Limited Liability Partnership Form. This is a Nevada form and can be used in Partnership Secretary Of State .
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DEAN HELLER Secretary of State 206 North Carson Street Carson City, Nevada 89701-4299 (775) 684 5708 Website: Application of Registration for Foreign Limited-Liability Partnership (PURSUANT TO NRS 87) Important: Read attached instructions before completing form. ABOVE SPACE IS FOR OFFICE USE ONLY 1. Name of Foreign Limited-Liability Partnership: 2. Name Being Registered with Nevada: (see instructions) 3. Date of Formation and State or Country in which Partnership was _________________________ __________________________________ ___ formed: Date Formed Sta te or Country Where Authorized 4. Resident Agent Name and Street ________________________________________________________________________ ________ Address: Name (must be a Nevada address where process may be __________________________________________________________, NEVADA ____________ served) Physical Street Address City Zip Code __________________________________________________________, ________ ____________ Additional Mailing Address City State Zip Code 5. Street Address of __________________________________________________________, ________ ____________ Principal Office: Street Address City State Zip Code 6. Names and 1._______________________________________________________________ ________________ Business Name Addresses of Each Managing __________________________________________________________, ________ ____________ Partner in this Street Address City State Zip Code State: 2._______________________________________________________________ ________________ (attach additional pages if there are more than 2) Name __________________________________________________________, ________ ____________ Street Address City State Zip Code 7. Description of Professional Services to be Rendered: 8. Name and The partnership, hereafter, will be a registered limited-liability partnership. Signature of Partners: _____________________________________ ___________________________ ____________ (see instructions; attach Name Signature additional pages if more than two) _____________________________________ ___________________________ ____________ Name Signature 9. Certificate of I hereby accept appointment as Resident Agent for the above named Foreign Limited-Liability Partnership. Acceptance of Appointment of ____________________________________________________ ______________ ________________________ Resident Agent: Authorized Signature of R.A. or On Behalf of R.A. Company Date This form must be accompanied by appropriate fees. See attached fee schedule. Nevada Secretary of State Form NRS 87 ARTS.2003 Revised on: 11/24/03 <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 DEAN HELLER Secretary of State Instructions for Foreign Limited- 206 North Carson Street Liability Partnership Registration Carson City, Nevada 89701-4299 (775) 684 5708 (PURSUANT TO NRS 87) Website: IMPORTANT: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING FORM. 1. Name of the Foreign Limited-Liability Partnership: The name entered in item one should agree with the name of the limited-liability partnership as it appear s on the partnership agreement, or as later amended and of record in the home state. 2. Name Being Registered to Transact Business: Enter the name under which the partnership is to be registered and will be transacting business in Nevada. The name must contain the words Limited-Liability Partnership or Registered Limited-Liability Partnership, or the abbreviati on L.L.P. or LLP, as the last words or letters of the name. The name must be distinguishable from the name of a limited-liability company, limited partnership, limited- liability limited partnership, limited-liability partnership, business trust or corporation already on file in this office. A name may be reserved, if av ailable, for 90 days by submitting a name re servation form with a $25.00 filing fee to the office of the Secretary of State. For details you may call (775) 684-5708, visit , or write to the Secretary of State, 206 North Carson St reet, Carson City NV. 89701-4201. 3. Formation and Domicile: Enter the date of organization and the state or country where formed. 4. Resident Agent: Persons wishing to file registration of partnership in the State of Nevada must designate a person as a resident agent who resides or is located in this state. Every resident agent must have a street address in the state of Nevada for the service of process, and may have a separate mailing address such as a post office box, which may be different from the street address. 5. Office Address: Set forth the address of the principal office of the foreign limited-liability partnership. 6. Managing Partners: The names and business addresses of each managing partner in this state must be set forth. Use a separate 8 x 11 sheet as necessary for additional partners. 7. Description of Professional Services: Provide a brief statement of the professional service rendered by the foreign limited-liability partnership. If it appears from the name and/or purpose of the entity be ing formed that it is to be regulated by the Financial Institutions Division, Insurance Division, State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, State Board of Accountancy or Real Estate Division, the application will need to be approved by the regulating agency before it is filed with the Office of the Secretary of State. 8. Signature: The Certificate of Registration must be signed by a majority in interest of the partners or by one or more partners authorized to execute such a statement. 9. Resident agent must complete and sign certificate of acceptance at bottom of form or attach a separate signed certificate of acceptance. ***IMPORTANT*** INITIAL LIST OF MANAGING PARTNERS: Pursuant to NRS 87.510, each corporation organized under the laws of this state shall, on or before the last day of the first month after the filing of its certificate of registration, and annually thereafter, file its list of managing partners and resident agen t. The initial list fee is $12 5.00. Forms will be mailed to you upon the filing of your registration and annually thereafter to the entitys resident agent. COPIES: You must send in the number of copies you would like certified and returned to you in addition to the original certificate to be filed. A filing fee of $30.00 for each certification is required. It is recommended that a foreign limited-liability partnership have at least one certified
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