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Certificate Of Termination Of Amendment For Nevada Profit Corporation (Before Issuance Of Stock) - Nevada

Certificate Of Termination Of Amendment For Nevada Profit Corporation (Before Issuance Of Stock) Form. This is a Nevada form and can be used in Corporation Secretary Of State .
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DEAN HELLER Secretary of State 204 North Carson Street, Suite 1 Carso n City, Nevada 89701-4299 (775) 684 5708 Webs ite: secretaryofstate.b iz Termination of Amendment For a Profit Corporation (PURSUANT TO NRS 78.380) Important: Read attached instru ctions before completing form. ABOVE SPACE IS FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Certificate of Termination of Amendment For a Nevada Profit Corporation (Pursuant to NRS 78.380-Before Issuance of Stock) 1. Na me of corpora tion: ________________________________________________________________________ ______ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Description of the certificate of amendment to be terminated: ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ______ 3. Filing date of the certificate of amendment with the Nevada S ecretary of S tate: / / . 4. Effective date , as s pecified, on the certificate of a mendment: / / . 5. Upon the filing of this certificate with the Nevada Secretary of State the effectiveness of the certificate has been terminated. 6. The undersigned affirmatively declare that to the date of this certificate, no voting stock of the corporation has been issued. 7. The undersigned declare that they constitute at least two-thirds of the incorporators , or of the boa rd of directors . (check one box only) 8. Signatures*: _____________________________________ __________________________ ___________ S ignature Sign ature * If more than two signatures, attach an 8 x 11 plain sheet with the additional signatures. FILING FEE $175.00 IMPORTANT: Failure to include any of the above information and submit the proper f ees may cause this filing to be rejected. SUBM IT IN DUPLICATE This form must be accompanied by appropriate fees. See attached fee schedule. Nevada Secretary of State AM 78.380 Termination 2003 Revised on: 10/24/03
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