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Articles Of Incorporation Professional Corporation Form. This is a Nevada form and can be used in Corporation Secretary Of State .
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DEAN HELLER Secretary of State 206 North Carson Street Carson City, Nevada 89701-4299 (775) 684 5708 Website: Articles of Incorporation Professional Corporation (PURSUANT TO NRS 89) Important: Read attached instructions before completing form. ABOVE SPACE IS FOR OFFICE USE ONLY 1. Name of Corporation: (please see instructions) 2. Resident Agent ________________________________________________________________________ ________ Name and Street Name Address: (must be a Nevada address where process may be _________________________________________________________, NEVADA ____________ served) Physical Street Address City Zip Code _________________________________________________________, ________ ____________ Additional Mailing Address City State Zip Code 3. Shares: Number of shares Number of shares (no. of shares corporation with par value: __________________________ Par value: $________ without par value: __________________________ authorized to issue) 4. Names & 1._______________________________________________________________ ________________ Addresses of Directors/Trustees Name and Stockholders: _________________________________________________________, ________ ____________ Important: Street Address City State Zip Code A certificate from 2._______________________________________________________________ ________________ the regulatory Name board showing that each _________________________________________________________, ________ ____________ individual is Street Address City State Zip Code licensed at the time of filing with 3._______________________________________________________________ ________________ this office must be Name attached _________________________________________________________, ________ ____________ Street Address City State Zip Code 5. Purpose: The purpose of this Corporation shall be: (see instructions) 6. Names, Addresses _____________________________________ ____________________________ ___________ and Signatures of Name Signature Incorporators: (attach additional pages if _________________________________________________________, _________ ___ ________ there is more than 2 Address City State Zip Code incorporators) _____________________________________ ____________________________ ___________ Name Signature _________________________________________________________, _________ ___ ________ Address City State Zip Code I hereby accept appointment as Resident Agent for the above named corporation. 7. Certificate of Acceptance of Appointment of ____________________________________________________ ______________ ________________________ Resident Agent: Authorized Signature of R.A. or On Behalf of R.A. Company Date This form must be accompanied by appropriate fees. See attached fee schedule. Nevada Secretary of State Form NRS 89 ARTS.2003 Revised on: 11/25/03 <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 Instructions for DEAN HELLER Secretary of State 206 North Carson Street Articles of Incorporation Carson City, Nevada 89701-4299 Professional Corporation (775) 684 5708 (PURSUANT TO NRS 89) Website: IMPORTANT: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING FORM. 1. Name of the Corporation. The corporate name of a professional corporation must contain the words Professional Corporation, or the abbreviations of P rof. Corp., or P.C., or PC, or the word Chartered, or the abbreviation Chtd., or the word Limited, or the abbreviation Ltd. The corporate name must contain the last name of one or more of its stockholders. The name must be distinguis hable from the names of cor porations, limited-liability companies, limited partnerships, limited-liability limited pa rtnerships, business trusts or limited-liability partnerships on file in the office of the Secretary of State. A name may be reserved, if available, for 90 days by submitting a name reservation request form with a $25.00 filing fee. 2. Resident Agent. Persons wishing to incorporate in the State of Nevada must designate a person as a resident agent who resides or is located in this state. Every resident agent must have a street address in this state for the service of process, and may have a separate mailing address such as a post office box, which may be different from the street address. 3. State the number of shares the corporation shall have the authority to issue with par value and its par value in appropriate space provided. State the number of shares without par value in the space provided for shares without par value. 4. State the names and addresses, either residence or bus iness, of the original stockholders and directors. A certificate from the regulating board of the profession to be practiced showing that each of the directors, and each of the stockholders who is a natural person, is licensed to practice the profession must be attached. Use a separate 8 x 11 sheet as necessary for additional members. Director s or trustees must be at least 18 year of age. 5. State the specific profession to be practi ced by means of the professional corporation. 6. Names and addresses of the incorporators are required. Each person organizing the corporation must, except as otherwise provided in subsection 2 of NRS 89.050, be aut horized to perform the professional service for which the corporation is organized. Each incorporator must sign. An additional 8 x 11 white sheet will be necessary if more than 2 incorporators. 7. Resident agent must complete and sign certificate of acceptance at bottom of form or attach a separate signed certificate of acceptance. 8. On a separate 8 x 11, white sheet y ou may state additional information you wish to be part of the articles. This is an optional provision. ***IMPORTANT*** INITIAL LIST OF OFFICERS: Pursuant to NRS 78.150, each corporation organized under the laws of this state shall, on or before the last day of the first month after the filing of its articles of incorporation, and annually thereafter, file its list of officers, directors and resident agent. The initial fee is $125.00. Forms will be mailed to you upon the organization of your corporation and annually th ereafter to the corporations resident agent. COPIES: You must send in the number of copies you would like certified and returned to you in addition to the original article to be filed. A filing fee of $30.00 for each certification is required. Copies received without the required fee shall be returned uncertified. NRS 78.105 requires that a corporation rec
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