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Amended Modified Name Resolution (Foreign Corp) - Nevada

Amended Modified Name Resolution (Foreign Corp) Form. This is a Nevada form and can be used in Corporation Secretary Of State .
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DEAN HELLER Secretary of State 204 North Carson Street, Suite 1 Carson City, Nevada 89701-4299 (775) 684 5708 Website: Amended Modified Name Resolution (PURSUANT TO NRS 80.025) General instructions for this form: AB OVE SPACE IS FOR OFFICE USE ONLY 1. Please print legibly or type; Black Ink Only. 2. Complete all fields. Amended Modified Name Resolution (Pursuant to NRS 80.025) Complete only if changing an existing modified name. The Board of Directors of ______________________ ________________________ _________, corporate name in home state a corporation qualified to do business in the State of Nevada, under the modified name of ________________________ _____________________ _________________________________ current modified name do hereby resolve this _________________ day of ______________________, ____________ day month year to adopt the amended name of _______________________ _____________________ _______ ________________________ _____________________ _________________________________ amended modified name for the purpose of conducting business in the Stat e of Nevada. The Board of Directors acknowledges that ___________________ ________________________ __________________, corporat e name in home state doing business in the State of Nevada under the new modified corporate name of ________ ________________________ _____________________ __________________ _______________ amended modified name approved by the Secretary of St ate, shall use the modified name in its communications and dealings with the S ecretary of State. ________________________ ____________________, ______________________ Authorized Signature Title FILING FEE: $175.00 This form must be accompanied by appropriate fees. Nevada Secretary of State Modified Name Amend 2003 Revised on: 11/03/03
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