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Foreign Limited Partnership Application For Registration - Alabama

Foreign Limited Partnership Application For Registration Form. This is a Alabama form and can be used in Limited Partnership Secretary Of State .
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STATE OF ALABAMA FOREIGN LIMITED PARTNERSHIP APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: STEP 1:THE FOREIGN LIMITED PARTNERSHIP APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION FILING FEE IS $75.STEP 2:MAIL TWO ORIGINAL COPIES OF THIS APPLICATION AND THE $75 FILING FEE TO: SECRETARY OF STATE, CORPORATIONS DIVISION, P.O. BOX 5616, MONTGOMERY, AL 36103.STEP 3:IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT THE CORPORATIONS DIVISION AT (334)242-5324.PURSUANT TO THE PROVISIONS OF THE ALABAMA LIMITED PARTNERSHIP ACT OF 1997, THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBYADOPTS THE FOLLOWING APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION. 1. The name: 2. The registered name (must contain the word Limited, or Ltd., L.P. or LP):3. State of Formation: _________________________ Date of Formation: _________________4. The address of the public office where your Certificate of Limited Partnership is filed:5. The name and street address (no PO Box) of the registered agent in Alabama for service of process:6. The street address of the principal office: 7. The above named Foreign Limited Partnership consents to service of process on it by registered mail.8. Please attach the name and business address of each general partner.9. Please attach the address of the office which keeps a list of names and addresses of the limited partners and their capital contributions. Sworn to this ____________ day of __________________________, 20____ ______________________________________________________________ City and State Signature of General PartnerFLP- Rev. 4/2000
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