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Attorney Evaluation 15 - Alabama

Attorney Evaluation Form. This is a Alabama form and can be used in Appellate Mediation Program Appellate .
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(Form 15) Date:_________________ _ Appellate Mediation Program Attorney Evaluation Mediator: ______________________________________________________________ __________________ Type of Case: [ ] _______________________________________________________________________ Other (specify): _____________________________________________________ _______________________ Your responses will serve as a guide to the appellate mediation office a bout changes or improvements that need to be made to the program. Your responses are confidential and will not be part of the appellate co urt file. I am the: ____Appellants attorney ____Other (specify)_____________________________________ ____Appellees attorney How did the case resolve? ____Direct result of the mediation process ____ Resolution was unrelated to the mediation process____Indirect result of the mediation process ____ Appeal was not resolved ____Some issues resolved (how many?_____) ____ Other (specify) What effect did the mediation process have on the following (Insert ND if no difference): Attorney fees: ____Reduced fees ____Increased fees By how much? (estimate) $____________ Other costs: ____Reduced fees ____Increased fees By how much? (estimate) $____________ Court time: ____Reduced time ____Increased time By how much? (estimate) MonthsOn a scale of 1(very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied) please rate : The mediation process: ____Appropriateness of the process for your dispute ____Confidentiality ____Fairness ____Satisfaction with outcome ____Opportunity to participate Would you use this process again?____Yes ____NoThe mediator (name): ____________________________ ____Impartiality ____Knowledge of the appellate process ____Temperament ____Knowledge of the subject matter Program administration: ____Efficiency (scheduling, etc.) ____Courtesy and cooperation ____Paperwork ____Mandatory participation Comments on the above, including suggestions for program improvements: NOTE: PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM AT THE TIME MEDIATION IS COMPLETED AND RETURN TO APPELLATE MEDIATOR IN A SEALED ENVELOPE.
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