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Facsimile Cover Sheet - Colorado

Facsimile Cover Sheet Form. This is a Colorado form and can be used in Civil District Court Federal .
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Appendix D UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF COLORADO FACSIMILE COVER SHEET Pursuant to D.C.COLO.LCivR 5.1, this cover sheet must be submitted with any facsimile filing. A pleading or paper not requiring a filing fee and no longer than ten pages, including all attachments, may be filed with the clerk by means of facsimile during a business day. Facsimiles received by the clerk after 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) will be considered filed as of the next business day. Clerk's Office facsimile telephone number: 303-335-2714 1. 2. Date of transmission: _______________________________________________________ Name of attorney or pro se party making the transmission:__________________________ Facsimile number: ___________________ Telephone number: _______________________ 3. Case number, caption, and title of pleading or paper: _____________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. Number of pages being transmitted, including the facsimile cover sheet: _______________ Instructions, if any: _____________________________________________________________ (Rev. (12/08) American LegalNet, Inc.
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